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What bikes do you ride?
Hi Brid
When do you ride?

4/1/12 Utility to city return 33.83 km Ave S 21.1km TYTD 33.83km

5/1/12 Modbury, Lofty, Marble hill,Montacute Rd, Home 69.37km, 18.9 Ave TYTD 103.6km Gillian Richard co riders.

 8/1/12 Modbury, Kings/Salisbury int. Waterloo Cnr, SOG b/way, Gawler. Return to Kings/Salisbury. Lift home. 89kms 21.7km Ave TYTD 192.6 kms Worn rear tyre needs replacement. Roger,Tim Frank co riders

 10/1/12 Modbury, Tolley Rd, Lwr Nth E Rd, Anstey, Houghton, Chain of Ponds, Kersbrook, Hill/Norsworthy Rd, Forreston Rd, Gumeracha, Gorge Rd. 73.8km, Ave 19.9km TYTD 266.4kms

 12/1/12 Modbury, City, Mile End, Modbury, Glynde, City, Modbury 77.94 km,Ave 20km, TYTD 344.4kms

15/1/12 Modbury RLC Modbury 146.47km Ave 19.7km TYTD 490.9km

19/1/12 Modbury City Tour Village Return 35km

20/1/12 BUPA Challenge 142.72km Ave 19.6km TYTD 707.2km

22/1/12 Modbury/Port/Glenelg/City/Modbury 71.2km Ave 19km TYTD 778.4km

27/1/12 Modbury Murray Bridge via Sedan 136.68kms Ave 19 TYTD 915.1km

29/1/12 Modbury, Goodwood, Belair Road, Blackwood, Old Belair Road, Cross Rd, Portrush Road, Vale Park, Home 67.66kms Ave 19.2 TYTD 982.7kms

2/2/12 Modbury City return for bike hub opening 35km Ave 18.5km TYTD 1017.9kms

7/2/12 Modbury Regency Park, City Modbury 41.79 Km Ave 21.6 km TYTD 1059.7

8/2/12 Modbury Regency Park City Modbury 43.66 km Ave 19.4 km TYTD 1103.04

9/2/12 Modbury Regency Park City Modbury 30.36 km Ave 19.8 TYTD 1133.4

12/2/12 Gully Grinders  34km TYTD 1164.4 KM

19/2/12 Commute Return 29.37km Ave 22.2km TYTD 1198.4

5/3/12 City return  34.55km Ave 22.2km TYTD 1232.95

6/3/12 Commute return 34.25km Ave 20.9 TYTD 1267.2KM

10/3/12 Modbury to Gawler. GW ride, SOB return via Edinburgh, Heaslip and SOB 90.73km 24 Ave YTDT 1357.9

11/3/12 Gully Grinders 44.33km Ave 21.9 TYTD 1409.1

 19/3/12 Modbury/City. Train to Coromandel. Met BJ at Gillians. Long coffee stop. Followed BJ through Belair Nat Park to Crafers home via old frrway and Portrush. 76.43kms 17.7 Ave TYTD 1485.5 TOTALLY KNACKERED getting up to Crafers.

7/4/12 Gawler Wheelers 61.42kms 20.07 ave 1547 TYTD

8/4/12 Gully Grinders/AC Easter Ride 85.96 kms 19.7 ave 1632.9TYTD

16/4/12 Modbury-Elizabeth-Gawler and return 81.67km ave 21.6km 1714.6TYTD

17/4/12 Commute 41.83km Ave 20.7 TYTD 1755.5

18/4/12 Commute 37.8km Ave 19.4km TYTD 1793.3

20/4/12 Modbury Gumeracha Birdwood Murray Bridge 102.51kms Ave20.1 TYTD 1895.8

22/4/12 Modbury Golden Grove, City for Cargo bike picnic, home 49.28kms 18.4 ave TYTD 1947.2

30/4/12 Star cyclists 91.54km 21.7 ave TYTD 2038.7

1/5/12 Commute 38.18kms 20.03ave TYTD 2076.9

2/5/12 Commute 43.25kms 18.3 ave TYTD 2120.2

5/5/12 Home to Gawler, GW ride and home 121.29km 21.2 ave TYTD 2241.4

6/5/12 GG ride 51.38kms 18.7ave TYTD 2292.8

 14/5/12 Star cyclists Home/Eliz/Angle Vale/Two Wheels/Virginia/Eliz/Home 93km 20.9 Ave TYTD2385.8

15/5/12 Commute 40.7km 21.4 Ave TYTD 2426.5  

16/5/12 Commute 32.1 kms 22 Ave TYTD 2458.6

18/5/12 Murray Bridge 102.59kms 20.9ave TYTD 2561.2

 20/5/12 Home City. AC Winter ride/Glenelg/OH/Semaphore, home via Grange Road 89.98 kms 23.8 Ave TYTD 2651.2

 11/6/12 Star Cyclists 112.6 km 22.3ave TYTD 2763.8

17/6/12 Ad Cyclists winter#2 73.13 kms 23.3ave TYTD 2836.9

9/7/12 Star Cyclists 93.35kms 20.02ave TYTD 2930.3

10/8/12 City and return 67.6kms TYTD 2997.9

20/8/12 Star Cyclists 95kms 21 Ave TYTD 3092.9

 26/8/12 Winter Ride 4 City,Glenelg, Semaphore,City, Cyclo Cross, Home 84.51 kms, 21.5 Ave inc lot of walking at CC, TYTD 3177.4

 3/9/12 Star Cycles - Home XDS 20.03 kms 19.8 ave TYTD 20.35

4/9/12 Commute XDS 41.29kms 21.4 Ave TYTD 61.6 Windy ride home

 9/9/12 Grinders XDS Norton ride 56.75kms 18.9 Ave TYTD 118.4kms

11/9/12 Commute XDS 30.95kms 22.1 ave TYTD 149.3

15/9/12 Commute XDS 37.73kms 22.5 ave TYTD 187kms

18/9/12 Star cycles/Gawler South XDS 85.44km 22.5kms TYTD 272.5kms

 Combined TYTD 3470.25

 20/9/12 Hallett Cove via Velo Back via Cove Rd Glenelg Turter XDS 86.53kms 21.5 Ave TYTD 359

Combined TYTD 3556.78

 21/9/12 Up Norton down Montacute XDS 45.51km 18.5 ave TYTD 404.5

Combined TYTD 3602.28

 22/9/12 Gawler Wheelers, commute to, lift back XDS 92.81 km 19.9 Ave TYTD 497.4 Very windy day + Gomersal road

 27/9/12 Norton Summit Montacute Home XDS 45.86km 19 km ave TYTD 543.2

Combined TYTD 3648.14

 1/10/12 Elizabeth Star, Mawson Lakes,Home 43.36 + approx 5 due to computer failure 21.5km ave TYTD 586.6

Combined TYTD 3691.5

15/10/12 Star Cyclists XDS 91.06 kms 21.8 Ave 677.7 TYTD

Combined TYTD 3782.56

17/10/12 RTW and Seacombe, Glenelg,City,Home XDS 74.8kms TYTD 752.5

Combined TYTD 3857.36

19/10/12 Seacombe, Glenelg, Home XDS 75.38 kms 22 ave TYTD 827.88

Combined TYTD 3932.74

 20/10/12 Golden way, Bowden Home XDS49.75km 22.2Ave TYTD862.95

6/11/12 City return via Wright xds 35.36km 24.3ave TYTD 912.7

7/11/12 City return via Wright XDS35.36km 24.3ave TYTD 948.3

Combined TYTD 4053.17

 8/11/12 City Return via Wright XDS35.17km 24.3kmave TYTD 983.5km

Combined TYTD 4088.34

 12/11/12 Star Cycles XDS 45.87 kms 20.3km Ave TYTD 1029.4

12/11/12 City return Jamis 29.69km 19.5 km 3238.6

Combined TYTD 4163.88

16/11/12 Murray Bridge XDS 103.37kms 18.8km ave TYTD 1132.8 (25km head wind)

Combined TYTD 4267.25

 18/11/12 Norton, Montacute G/Grove XDS (GG to home not recorded) 50.18 kms 18.18km ave TYTD 1182.29

Combined TYTD  4317.43

22/11/12 City and back XDS 36.24 other details not recorded

26/11/12 Star Cycles to Gawler Sth via. SOB. Home via Mawson Lakes XDS 83.75 km 22km ave TYTD 1302.28

1/12/12 City and back XDS 38.6km 21.4 ave TYTD 1338.4km

2/12/12 Gully Grinders GG, Gorge Rd, Montacute, Corkscrew (down) Gorge Rd, Torrens Valley Rd, Range Rds XDS 65.83kms 20km ave TYTD 1404.4

Combined TYTD 4541.85

9/12/12 Commute, AC party home XDS 36.36 kms 22.8ave TYTD 1440.6

Combined TYTD 4578.21

17/12/12 Star Cycles to Gawler via Craigmore XDS 103.2kms 21.5ave TYTD1543.8

Combined TYTD 4681.41

18/12/12 City return 32.04km 22.9ave TYTD 1576

Combined TYTD 4713.45

19/12/12 MB XDS 103.15 22.4ave TYTD 1677.1 Nice tail wind Palmer to MB

Combined TYTD 4816.6

21/12/12 MB to home via Strath, Meadows, Clarendon, Belair XDS 130.12km  18.8 ave TYTD 1809.3

Combined TYTD 4946.72

 23/12/12 Gully Grinders Ansteys, Range Roads, 38.29km 20.2 Ave TYTD1847.6

Combined TYTD 4985.01

27/12/12 Seaview and back via coast, Linear Park & Nth East Rd XDS 76.44 kms  22.5 ave TYTD 1924.1

Combined TYTD 5061.45

29/12/12 City Return XDS 33.66km 22.4 ave TYTD 1959.2

Combined TYTD 5095.11

30/12/12 Gully Grinders Montecute/Corkscrew/Gorge/Tippet/Nth East/Range Rd South 79.26kms 18.9ave TYTD 2037

Combined TYTD 5174.37

31/12/12 Star Cyclists XDS St Kilda Ride XDS 81.44km 22.1ave 2118.5 YTD

1/1/13 Murray Bridge XDS 103.82km 19.8 ave XDS Total 2221.8

5/1/13 Pancake Ride XDS 56.63km 21.4 ave XDS total 2274.84

6/1/13 Gully Grinders XDS Cornishmens/Uley/Edinburgh/Green Valley/GG 67.08kms 19.1 Ave XDS Total 2345.5

8/1/13 City return XDS 40.71km 20.7 ave XDS Total 2386.2kms

9/1/13 BUPA route to Kersbrook XDX 74.25 kms18.5ave XDS total2460.5kms

Total YTD 342.29

12/1/13 West Lakes, Glenelg, City Home 73.57kms 22.1 ave XDS Total 2534

Total YTD 415.86

 13/1/13 Gully Grinders to Kersbrook and back via Nth East, Hancock & Grenfell 71.15 kms19.1 Ave XDS Total 2605.2

 Total YTD 487.01

 14/1/13 Star cyclists Gawler via Craigmore and home 89.88km 22.2ave XDS Total 2695.1km Broken spoke replaced

Total YTD 576.89

15/1/13 City, Glynbyrn Home 38.84kms 21.6km Ave XDS Total 2733.9

Total YTD 615.73

20/1/13 Home RLC Home 150.02 km 19.4 AveXDS Total 2883.9kms

Total YTD 765.77

 23/1/13 Tanunda-Gawler City-Home 49.73kms 22.1ave XDS Total 2933.37

Total YTD 815.5

24/1/13 Commute 33.76km 22.6ave XDS Total 2967.4

Total YTD 849.26

 25/1/13 BUPA 136.52kms 20.6 ave XDS Total 3104

Total YTD 985.78

29/1/13 City Return 35km XDS Total 3139

4/2/13 Star Cycles 92km XDS Total 3231

Total YTD 1112.78

5/2/13 Commute 33.93kms 23.3 ave XDS Total 3264

TYTD 1146.71

 6/2/13 Commute 37.86kms 21.7ave XDS Total 3302

TYTD 1184.57

8/2/13 Murray Bridge 98.85 kms 20.8km XDS Total 3401

TYTD 1283.42

 12/2/13 City return 33.91kms 21.6ave XDS Total 3435

18/2/13 City Return 32.54 kms 21.7Ave XDS Total 3468

TYTD 1349.87

 19/2/13 Commute 29.65km 20.02Ave XDS Total 3497.65

TYTD 1379.52

21/2/13 MB via Veloway, Chandlers, Clarendon, Strath, Langhorne Creek, Brinkley. 142.03kms 21ave XDS Total 3639.68

TYTD 1521.55

4/3/13 Star Cyclists 95.25kms 21.3ave XDS Total 3734.93

TYTD 1616.8

 5/3/13 Commute 38.74km 21.8 ave XDS Total 3773.67

TYTD 1655.54

 10/3/13 Nth East Rd, Mullers, Regency,Torrens, West Lakes, Gl;enelg,ANZAC, Walkerville, Vale Pk, Linear Pk, Home, 67.48kms 23.2 Ave XDS Total3841.15

TYTD 1723.02

 14/3/13 Commute 30.08kms 22.1 ave XDS Total 3871.23

TYTD 1753.10

 21/3/13 Commute 35.22kms 23.3ave XDS Total 3906.45

TYTD 1788.32

 24/3/13 GndJunc,Military Rd, Glenelg,ANZAC Hgwy,City,St Peters,OG,GG,Home 74.92kms 24.2Ave XDS 3981.37

TYTD 1863.24

26/3/13 Commute 34.8kms XDS 4016.17

28/3/13 Commute 27.57kms 22.9 Ave XDS 4043.74

TYTD 1925.61

1/4/13 Veloway, Mclaren Vale, Willunga, Clarendon, Blackwood, Belair, City, home. 139.22kms 18.8 Ave XDS 4182.96

TYTD 2064.83

5/4/13 City, Norton, Basket Range, Deviation, Crafers, Belair Hotel, Home 93.45 kms 19.1 ave XDS 4276.41

TYTD 2158.28

6/4/13 City, Glenelg, Newton, Home 64.76kms 19.2 ave XDS 4341.17

TYTD 2223.04

7/4/13 Gully Grinders 48.18 kms 20.03 Ave XDS 4389.25

TYTD 2271.22

 9/4/13 City & back via McIntyre 37.66km 22.2ave XDS 4426.91

TYTD 2308.88

10/4/13 Up Norton Down Montacute 43.43kms 18.6 Ave XDS 4470.34

TYTD 2352.31

11/4/13 City return ACC Breakfast 32.32kms 21.7ave XDS 4502.66

TYTD 2384.63

 14/4/13 City, ANZAC highway, Red Berry, Hallet, Newton,Silkes Home 58.74km 21.6 Ave XDS 4561.4

TYTD 2443.37

19/4/13 Red Berry, Hallet, Newton, Gorge, Linear Park, West Beach, Glenelg, City via ANZAC, Norwood Parade, Penfold, Graves, Silkes, Home 92.78km 19.6ave XDS 4654.18

TYTD 2536.15

 20/4/13 Darlington, McLaren Vale, Clarendon, Blackwood, Belair, City, Home 123.22kms 19.1 ave XDS 4687.4

TYTD 2659.37

24/4 Glenside via Morialta and Back via Glynburn 38.66kms 21 Ave XDS 4726.06

TYTD 2698.03

25/4 Norton Montacute Home 42.04kms 18.6 ave XDS 4768.1 Foggy and wet

TYTD 2740.07

30/4 Commute 39.87kms 21.5ave XDS 4809.97

TYTD 2779.94

1/5 Commute 32.23kms 20.5ave XDS 4842.2

TYTD 2812.17

3/5 Nth East Rd, Mullers, Regency, Torrens, Woodville, Port, Tapleys, Glenelg, Turter, City, Parade, Glynbyrne, LwrNth East, Awwonga, Resevoir, 62.39km 21.4 Ave XDS 4904.59

TYTD 2874.56

4/5 Gorge, Gumeracha, Lobethal, Lenswood, Carey, Uraidla, Summertown, Green Hill Rd, Taylors Blend, Home 87.62kms 18.7ave XDS 4992.21

TYTD 2962.18

17/5 OH, Glenelg, Home 82.05 kms 24ave XDS 5074.36

TYTD 3044.23

18/5 Tollgate return/inc long walk due to faulty tyre 32.82km 18.3ave XDS 5107.18

TYTD 3077.05

19/5 Halfway up Norton and back DNF not well 29km

27/5 Star Cycles 92.32kms 21.7ave XDS 5228.5

TYTD 3198.37
4/6 Anna Meares book launch 30.42 km 23.3 ave XDS 5258.92
TYTD 3228.79

10/6 City, Belair Rd, Shepherds Hill, Kingston, Glenelg, City, Home 80.24 km 21.7ave XDS 5339.66

TYTD 3309.03

15/6 MB Mannum MB 68.37kms 21.4ave XDS 5419.9

TYTD 3377.4

29/6 MB Brinkley Wellington Jervois MB 72.9 kms 22.6ave XDS 5492.8

TYTD 3450.3

 8/7/13 Nth East, Mullers, Regency, Torrens, Woodville, Port Rd, Frederick, Grange, Glenelg, City, Home 62.82kms 22.3ave XDS 5555.62

TYTD 3513.12

12/7 MB Kepa Rd, Border Rd, Orland Rd, SchulzRd, Kepa Rd, MB 47.27 kms 20.4 ave XDS 5602.89

TYTD 3560.39

26/7 MB Tailem Bend MB 61.48 km 20.6ave XDS 5664.37

TYTD 3621.87

9/8 Home, Semaphore via Gnd Junc, Glenelg, home via ANZAC Hgwy, city, St Peters, Walkerville, Linear Park.64.97kms 21.5 ave XDS 5729.34

TYTD 3686.84

10/8 Home Glenelg Semaphore Glenelg Home 86.83kms 21.2 Ave XDS 5816.17

TYTD 3773.67

 25/8 GG Coffee run 13.26km

27/8 City return 33.11kms 21ave XDS 5862.54

TYTD 3820.04

28/8 City return 32kms

1/9 Commute one way 15km XDS 5909.54

TYTD 3867.04

2/9 Star cycles to Two Wells/Virginia and back 89.97kms 21.8ave XDS 5999.51

TYTD 3957.01

3/9 Commute and return

4/9 Commute and return combination Tue/Wed 68.61kms 19.7ave XDS 6068.12

YTD 4025.62

7/9 Riesling and Rattler Jamis Total Approx 120kms

TYTD 4145.62

 20/9 Glenelg via Mullers/Regency/Woodville/West Beach and home via Nth East 59.35km  21.4ave XDS 6127.47

TYTD 4204.94

21/9 Elizabeth return 43.32km 20ave XDS 6170.79

TYTD 4248.26

22/9 Tanunda Via Main Nth/Gawler/Sandy Creek/Lyndoch/Jack Bobridge path, return via road/Rowland Flat/Lyndoch/Williams Town/Gawler/Coventry Road 102.79kms 20.5 ave

XDS 6273.58

 TYTD 4351.05

24/9 City return 31.39kms 21.2ave XDS 6304.97

TYTD 4382.44

1/10 Work Commute 32.8kms 19.4ave XDS 6337.7

TYTD 4415.24

 4/10 Norton/City/Glenelg/Home 77.34kms 18.7ave XDS 6415.11

TYTD 4492.58

5/10 Glenelg via Mullers/Regency/Woodville/West Beach and home via Nth East 62.16kms 20.05ave

15/10 Commute 38.41km 21.1ave

18/10 Glenelg via Gnd Junc and home 63.8kms 22.4ave XDS 6579.48

TYTD 4656.95

 20/10 Glenelg

29/10 Commute

31/10 Commute 127.61kms 22.1ave XDS 6707.09

TYTD 4784.55

 1/11 Star cycles return via Mawson 44.43km 20.02ave XDS 6751.39

TYTD 4912.16

 2/11 Norton/Woods Hill/Greenhill/Glenelg/home 73.35kms 18.3ave XDS 6824.74

TYTD 4985.51

3/11 Gumeracha/Grinders back to Prices via Nth East Rd and Perserverance. 67.17km

18.2 ave

6/11 City and back 29.93kms 20.8ave

12/11 Commute 26.31kms 20.05ave

 14/11 Strathalbyn 101.84kms 19.2ave

25/11 Glenelg via Brighton and home 63kms 22ave

 26/11 Commute 29.29km 20.2 ave

28/11 MB via Gumeracha 98.85km 18.1ave XDS72416.9

TYTD 5401.89

 13/12 City and back

15/12 GG and back combined total 46.76 km 19.3ave

19/12 OH,Glenelg,home. 85km 19.1ave

 20/12 City return 30km

21/12 Bowden return 30km

22/12 Norton, Montacute, Golden Grove, home 52.85km 20.1ave

 24/12 City return 31.98kms 20.6ave

 25/12 Seacombe/Glenelg/Home 68.86kms 20.9ave XDS 7586.58

TYTD 5747.35

27/12 OH Glenelg City Home 82.88kms 21ave XDS 7669.46

TYTD 5830.23

 28/12 Ride like Crazy reverse 111.16km 17.5km XDS 7780.62

TYTD 5941.39

30/12 Home to MB 98.94km 19.2ave XDS 7879.56

TYTD 6040.33

4/1/14 MB to home via Old Princes Hgwy 97.69kms 16.8ave XDS 7977.25

TYTD 97.69kms

8/1/14 Sunday & City Ride 55.65kms 19.8ave XDS 8032.9

TYTD 153.34kms

9/1/14 Glenelg and home 69.77kms 20.3ave XDS 8102.67

TYTD 223.11

11/1/14 City, Bowden and home via Linear park 41.46kms 21.3ave 8144.13

TYTD 264.57

12/1/14 Grinders Para loop 50.89kms 19ave XDS 8195.11

TYTD 315.46

13/1/14 City return via Linear Park 31.3kms 19.3ave XDS 8226.41

TYTD 346.76

14/1/14 Kangaroo creek dam return 40kms 18.5ave XDS 8266.41

TYTD 386.76

19/1/14 RLC DFN 46.62km 19.2 ave XDS 8313.03

TYTD 393.38

 20/1/14 Village ride 31.85kms 21.8ave XDS 8344.88

TYTD 425.23

 21/1/14 Bowden social 38.33kms 20.1ave XDS 8383.21

TYTD 463.56

22/1/14 Gillians 62km XDS 8445.21

TYTD 525.56

 24/1/14 BUPA 155.76km 17.8ave XDS 8600.97

TYTD 681.32

26/1/14 GG Breakfast ride 11.79kms 18.9ave XDS8612.76

TYTD 693.11

 5/2/14 Commute 30.12kms 21.4ave XDS 8642.88

TYTD 723.23

7/2/14 OH/Glenelg/Home 82.96kms 22.2ave XDS 8725.84

TYTD 806.19

9/2/14 7 McKelly loops, GG, Home, City & back 62.66km 20.9 ave XDS 8788.5

TYTD 868.85

11/2/14 McKelly loops x 8 25.74 kms 19.8ave XDS 8814.24

TYTD 894.59

McKelly loops x 10 31.66km 20.6ave XDS 8845.9

TYTD 926.25

21/2/14 City run 34.12kms 21.3ave XDS 8880.02

TYTD 960.37

22/2/14 Bowden & Linear Park 34.31kms 20.8ave XDS8914.33

TYTD 994.67

3-4/3/14 Day off Glenelg loop 63km + Tuesday work commute & back 27km 21.5ave XDS9004.33

TYTD 1085.55

5/3 Commute return via Bowden 35.26kms 21.4ave XDS9039.59

TYTD 1120.81

6/3 Home to Ad Cent station, train to Seaford, ride to MB via Kangarilla, Meadows, Strath, Langhorne & Brinkley 123.78kms 20.8 ave XDS 9163.37

TYTD 1244.59

22/3 Glenelg and home 60.5kms 21.9ave XDS 9223.87

TYTD 1305.09

1/6 Work return 33km

9/6 Coffee ride with roger to Glenelg 59.3km 20.2ave XDS9315

TYTD 1396.22

7/7 Dover Gardens return 60.92kms 20.8ave XDS 9375.92

TYTD 1457.14

5/9 Royal show 38.9km Jamis

TYTD 1496.04

7/9 Smudge ride to henley Beach then Glenelg then home 61.27km 18.6 ave XDS 9437.19

TYTD 1557.31

19/9 Gnd Junc/Glenelg/Home 63.73kms 19.6ave XDS 9500.92

TYTD 1621.04

20/9 Seaview Glenelg Home 69km

21/9 Grinders coffee 12km XDS 9581.92

TYTD 1702.04

30/9/14 Service, new chain new cassette $163

1/10 Commute & return 28.66km 19.9ave XDS 9610.58

TYTD 1739.70

3/10 MB to Ralph and Barbs 40.02 km 20.05 ave

4/10 MB to Mannum 65.46km 19.5ave XDS XDS9716.06

TYTD 1845.18

17/10 Gnd Junc Glenelg Home 63.84km 21.9ave

21/10 McIntyre/Kelly circuits x 7 22.17km 19.6ave

22+23/10 McIntyre?Kelly circuits x18 56.02Kms 19.9 ave

31/10 Gummy, Lobethal, Verdun, Bridgewater, Crafers, Home 98.38kms 17.6ave 

11/11 Commute home via Salisbury 38.55km 20.1 ave

12/11 Commute Home via Linear Park 38.97kms 20.9ave

13/11 Commute home via Central Mkt 40.08kms 20.8ave XDS total 10074.07

YTD 2203.19

27/11 MB via 95.11kms 16.9km

29/11 MB to young Husband 97.05km 19.01ave

9/12 Commute and hme via Star cycles 58.98 kms 21.1 ave

13/12 Dover Gdns 58.85kms 22.5ave

14/12 Linear Park, Glenelg, City, home 63.87kms 21.1ave

19/12 Hallet Cove, Glenelg, City, Linear Park 79.19 Km 19.8aqve

20/12 Xmas shopping city 32.3 km ave 20.4ave

31/12 Split tyre aborted ride 19.7km 24.2ave

XDS total 10579.12


1/1/15 Glenelg loop 65km 20.2 ave

12/1/15 Star cycles 83km 20.1 ave

14/1/15 Stew 33.4km 20.1 ave

17/1/15 TDU expo 36.2km 20ave Jamis

18/1/15 TDU expo 32.3km 19.2 ave Jamis

19/1/15 Star to Athlestone and home 69.2km 18.8ave

20/1/15 Stew ride 33km

2/2/15 Gorge screwed meander 53.55 km 18.5ave

XDS total 10984.77 

YTD 405.65

3/2 Commute and home via Linear Park 38.14 19.8 ave

4/2 Commute and home via Stew & Hampstead Road 35.19kms 20.1 ave

XDS total 11022.91

YTD 478.97

17/2 Long day commute 29km

20/2 MB to Tailem & back 54km

30/3 Asst rides total 90.52km 19.3ave

31/3 Glenelg via airport and back 57.9 km 20.5ave

4/3 Mannum Young Husband return 32.52kms 19.2ave
















































































18/10 Home to Dover Gardens and back 59.34kms 22.6ave

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Clive Palfrey's Blog

Just how many ways are there to Murray Bridge

Posted on March 7, 2014 at 5:13 9 Comments

I've been waiting for the extension of the southern rail line to Seaford to be opened for some time. as luck would have it, it opened a couple of weeks ago and Gorge road was closed so my route to Murray Bridge was pretty much dictated by the SA government transport authorities. I bought my railway ticket at just after 09.00 which meant it cost me only $3.10 to transport myself and bike to Seaford. I was fortunate that I travelled and one of the few new electric trains and I have to say they…


The Jack Bobridge Trail (Something a little bit different)

Posted on September 25, 2013 at 9:30 3 Comments

I hooked up with the Gully Grinders last Sunday as they were touring the Barossa and I was going to ride up to Tanunda to check out the Cyclocross. We rode up Main Nth Road to Gawler, onto Sandy Creek and then just before Lyndoch we got onto the Jack Bobridge bike path. The first 100 metres was differant in a weird way in that the path has a line of Stobie poles in the middle, I think theres a photo of the path with poles somewhere on AC and there has been some criticism of the design,…


Shaken but not Rattled Part 2

Posted on September 17, 2013 at 20:11 8 Comments

So having fairwelled Brett and Quentin we set off for the Rattler trail. Whilst Roger and I voted, Andrew, had chatted to a local about the trail who seemed to think that there might be a little storm water damage. The Rattler trail follows the old line of a railway from Auburn to Riverton. As we left Auburn we hadn't decided whether to go all the way to Riverton or to leave the path at Rhnie and return to Auburn via the bitumin.

It soon became apparent that this trail is no where…


Shaken but not Rattled

Posted on September 16, 2013 at 23:12 6 Comments

So election day had been announced, The Dirty Dozen was on, The Royal Show was on so whats a bloke to do. Get out of Adelaide, away from car park seeking drivers with electoral dysfunction away from psycolists suffering from altitude sicknes, away from dagwood dogs and fairy floss.

So 3 hardy souls (myself, Andrew and Roger) departed Sefton Park at the crack of dawn and 2 nocturnal ferals (possums Brett and Quentin) departed McLarenVale sometime earlier and all by car headed for…


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At 21:45 on May 6, 2014, Roger ... said…

yeah nice to see you here again Clive

At 22:30 on May 5, 2014, Gus said…

Aloha. Welcome back.

At 17:46 on April 2, 2013, Steven Ellison said…
Clive, I looked straight at you and thought I think I know you LOL I was hiding by riding a black bike and my wife has taken over the blue one most people recognize! I am sorry, my memory is rubish so I fail to put names to so many faces I recognise while out riding, it gets embarsing a lot of the time. They recon regular exercise helps memory so it scares me how bad I would be if I didn't ride so much! My Brother in-law was in the hand cycle! Make life interesdting ;-)
At 8:10 on January 11, 2013, Cory Cooper said…

Hi Clive,

Just wondering if you can give me the low down on the XDS RX800? Thinking about upgrading just not sure about that frame?



At 9:42 on October 5, 2012, Mark said…

Hi Clive

I just put an add up a few days on the classified. Only asking $100.

You can have a look at some pics

I live and work in the city. Work on North Terrace and live the other end.



At 23:38 on July 16, 2012, Carl Neadley said…

Made it to Cash Converters to look at the Merida - a little on the large side for Wendy.  Thanks for thinking of us. We'll soon be doing tax returns (should be getting a present from the ATO), added to a bit of savings will hopefully be getting Wendy a new bike for her birthday.

At 21:40 on June 9, 2012, Arthur Seager said…

Hi Clive, the Star Cyclists ride is ON on Monday 11th June.  Refer Group rides - which shows a photograph of me instead of the usual Star Cycles logo - all Gary's work!

But I won't be riding.  I have a an outing to the Lavender Farm at Lyndock with my wife scheduled for that day.

Cheers, Arthur

At 5:00 on January 23, 2012, Bicycle Fish said…

Hullo Clive .... I wonder if you have any news of Tom Eltridge Smith, who had a bad accident a few years ago ( malicious cause) and was "off cycling" for some time as a result... I can't locate any trace of him ...but I'd be interested to know the progress of his rehab, etc. Any pointers welcome !

At 20:41 on January 6, 2012, Phan Nguyen said…

Thanks for the invite Clive but unfortunately won't be able to make the ride on Sunday... have been tasked with preparing the nursery for my niece born 2 days ago! Maybe next time!

At 18:38 on December 5, 2011, Gus said…

Hello, I answered your (rhetorical) question - same colours as AC! Yes, it was the ABC team heading up Lwr NE Rd.


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