Over 50 Old Man Problems or are they!

If you don't have them then there is not much point in you reading any further! In fact you probably don't want to so go away now!

A little History

I have been riding about 2 1/2 years and have ridden over 31,500 km's but I am sure this story will be similar to some people who have ridden much less. For several years now I have been concerned with issues pointing to the well known problems with the prostate men seem to suffer as they march beyond 50 years old. To keep it a little less graphic I will just say its like some bastard is standing on the garden hose causing problems emptying the tank! I have spent several years having extra exams, blood tests for PSA and ultrasounds. The doctor came to the conclusion I had a slightly enlarged prostate and had referred me to the urology clinic at Daws road Repat hospital. Not that it helped because I was set as a low priority which means I am about 2 1/2 years down the waiting list before I am due to get some tests to see if there really is a problem, sigh!

ISM Adamo Saddle's

Anyway, something happened recently that mixed things up a little, I won an ISM Adamo saddle on a Chain Reaction promotional competition! I was notified that I had won and was asked which model I wanted? I found they had 9 different models so I decided to do some quick research. Suddenly, I had my eyes opened! These saddles claimed to provide some relief of various symptoms some of which seemed a little familiar! Their original design seemed to be biased towards racing and provided good relief for those riding TT a lot. They then produced one called "Road" which seemed biased towards those riding on the hoods more than the TT or drop bars then they diversified from there to a total of 9 models! 

The Road for me!

I chose the ISM Adamo "Road" model as it seemed to suit my riding.  Whats the difference? Well, the saddle basically has the beak chopped off making it like a double prong at the front taking the pressure of where it need to be!

Its been pointed out to me that it looks more like a toy from a Star Wars collection! 

Why Am I Telling You All This?

Because after riding on this saddle for 275 km's in the past 8 days I have noticed a big difference in my "Prostate" symptoms!  Now, I know, this is not a good study, trial, test or anything close to scientific but I am impressed!

These saddles are around $200 on special online and I an frugal with my money so under normal circumstances I would never buy one of these but, I am seriously considering buying one for my second bike!  After one week I have been given so much relief from using this saddle!

It hasn't fixed everything, as in all the symptoms but then its been 8 days!  I would be happy if what it has done up to now is all I get but suspect over time there will be more improvements.

There Are Issues With these Saddles

First of all, proper bike fit is critical to using one of these. Why, you ask, if not, you should!  The saddle is a couple of inches shorter than a regular saddle so there is not the realestate to adjust your position on to get comfortable so you need to get your position right! I am still working on this but have it close based on their recommendations.  The second thing is it places a little more pressure on the sit bone. This makes the muscles there a little sore at first but that seems to be easing now. You will notice this extra pressure on the sit bone the most when spinning. I hadn't noticed it on my first few rides which were slow social rides. Today I rode a faster paced group ride in a rotating pace-line for about 50 km's and felt ok so I seem to be adapting to the different pressures already.

Where Can I try One

Whether true or not, I can not say but I have been told by another rider that Avantiplus Salisbury have them to test. If this is untrue the I hope someone will tell me so I can amend this post. I can tell you one thing for sure, your not getting mine to test, I am not giving it up to anyone!

If someone finds a place that has them to test can they please let me know and I will add them to the post!

If just one person who thinks they have prostate problems finds that this post finds that a change of saddle, weather this brand or another, helps them then I will be happy to have written it!

Happy Bike Riding Everyone!

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Comment by Don (Who's lost?) Nairn on April 6, 2014 at 11:36

Want a comfortable ride?

Try a recumbent :-)

Comment by pete davis on April 7, 2014 at 21:06

That Adamo saddle does look really good .

I had prostate surgery a few months ago (mid December) , expecting to be off the bike for about 6 weeks + , but after finding out about these saddles     http://www.rido-cyclesaddles.com/

I went ahead and bought the two different models the R2 and the RLt and was back riding again in about 2-3 weeks after surgery.

I am not using the R2 any more , but am using the RLt on my road bike and have ridden plenty of 100 Km + rides on it .

I wish you well Steven .

BTW  I am  WELL past 50 years old  !   

Comment by Steven Ellison on April 9, 2014 at 18:24

Thanks Pete, you have added more to support what I am finding!  I found it interesting my mother pointed out an article in today's or yesterday Adelaide daily newspaper highlighting the problems that may be caused by the saddle while riding!  She did not know anything about my post on it ;-)

Comment by Steven Ellison on April 17, 2014 at 17:25

Harley, my PSA's have been fine all along, thats whats been a little confusing! Frequency, uncomplete emptying and those types of things have been the concern. Those symptoms have all but evaporated in a very short space of time using this saddle! Thanks for the info though, it could be usefull to someone who visits this post!

Comment by Steven Ellison on April 29, 2014 at 10:33

Now having ridden more than 1,000 km's I am completely convinced that this saddle has relieved all the symptoms I had before.  

There is a "DOWN SIDE" though!  Now I am getting much better sleep I am finding it harder to climb out of bed for early rides!  I am feeling much more rested of late and am sure this will not be a long lasting problem ;-)  I will now not use my second bike because it does't have the good saddle on it!  I will have to get another of these seats so that I can get use out of the training bike!

Comment by Steven Ellison on May 3, 2014 at 14:11

Today I rode my old bike because the weather looked like it was going to be nasty!  I do not have an ISM Saddle on this bike and it was not long before I recognized a pressure that I had not realized I had until I got the ISM Saddle. After only 55 km's (Steven Ellison Redliners Watermark Outer Harbour ride) I am feeling some discomfort. In my mind I believe I have no choice, I am ordering a new saddle from ISM for that too! After a month of relief from the "Old Man Trouble" symptoms I do not want to return to them EVER!   If you have these problems then I would suggest you contact Avanti at Salisbury(the SA agent for them I believe) to see if you can trial a seat for a week! If you ride regularly it will only take you that long to know if its going to make a difference for you too! 

Comment by Steven Ellison on July 28, 2015 at 13:36

Just a quick update. I have 5 of these saddles now. 3 are mine and 2 are Lynn's as now Lynn will not ride on any other saddle ;-)  We are converted!

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