Flat stage in the Tour de Insanity today. I dropped my daughter at school, left the car there and rode to work - just over 11kms and pretty much dead flat though I do have to play with the big boys in their Tonka Trucks.

The morning ride went as normal ie, I went like blazes and arrived at work hot and sweaty, which isn't bad considering it's still winter (I can't wait for summer). As it happens, it was a nice morning for a ride and the automobile tribe were relatively well behaved.

The trip home though ...

I've always had this theory that it's easier to loaf along when riding fixed gear than when on something with a freewheel. I didn't set out to prove that theory today, but was reminded of it as I cruised along, no desire
to rush, just taking in the evening air ... and watching out for predatory magpies.

How's this for numbers - 11 kms travelled in just over half an hour for an average heart rate of 82 bpm! I get the heart rate higher than that eating a choccy donut. Not much of a recipe for weight loss though, I reckon I burnt about half a calorie and not only was I not sweating at the end, I was starting to feel a little cold.

Riding at that sort of pace is surprisingly challenging - it's too easy to just stand on the pedals and blast away, and few stray urban tractors did their bit to add to the challenge (so considerate of them).

As I write, the borlotti beans are boiling away, getting ready for tonight's feed of tortillas - prime mince, beans, fresh tomatoes (none of that paste stuff), onion, garlic, ginger, spices and herbs, low fat cheese, fresh Lebanese bread to wrap it in. Life's tough innit.

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