I took the Gitane out for a ride today, the first (apart from "setting up") since I got it.  From near Hadleigh Rise, Upper Sturt, into Stirling, and return, via Sturt Valley Road.

The bike is now set up as 3x7 (48/38/28, 11-28) instead of the original 2x6.  The triple came about because the chainwheel-side crank on the double was bent, so a new crankset was needed anyway.  A headstem with a longer reach was substituted for the original to improve uphill stability.

The bike is a pleasure to ride, and handles very well.  It is a different animal entirely from both the BSA and the Mongoose.

The intended use for this machine is for "local" trips between Upper Sturt and Stirling, and, possibly, Blackwood.

This was my first ride up that part of Sturt Valley Road.  (I rode down once, perhaps 30 years ago.)  I was fairly pleased with the performance, averaging about 11km/hr on the journey to Stirling, and 13.5km/hr overall, including walking up about 600m of Whitewood Drive.  On the journey to Stirling, the only stop was to raise the seat a little.  (Thank goodness for Q/R bolts!)

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Comment by Gillian on June 16, 2012 at 18:15

Nice work David. Enjoy :)

I hope my old girl scrubs up that well when I eventually get around to it. 

Comment by Rob (Chewbacca) on June 17, 2012 at 8:06
Gillian your Gitane will come up very nice indeed :)

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