DPTI Workzone Traffic Management Failing to consider Cyclists

Traffic Control at road works and the training of workers is quite a large industry with a number of contractors & trainers providing courses & trained staff. DPTI provides the material used in the training which is used to determine what signage, bollards etc are required for safety at road works. 
Two documents seem to be main ones used. see
Field Guide:Traffic Control Devices for Workzone Traffic Management
SA Standards for Workzone Traffic Management

Both docs appear to only give passing references to cyclists which are typically lumped in with pedestrians, see page 180/181 of the guide & pages 24/25 of the standards. Bike paths don't exist.

Local roadworks here at Goolwa raised my interest, where a contractor was  laying a stormwater pipe across Liverpool Road & across the Laffin Point bikeway (part of the Encounter bikeway) which runs beside the road. They placed roadwork ahead signs partly on the bike path over 300 metres ahead of the workzone. at the last crossover from the bike path to the road.(Washington St).
Further up the road just over the rise is the trench.
At the worksite is just a sign directing pedestrians over the road. The path is bordered all the way by a kerb. the small cutout is for water drainage off the road & is not really wide enough for bikes. (If only the Alexandrina Council had made all of these just that bit wider to accommodate prams and bikes). A cyclist must now get off his bike & carry it over the kerb & road before riding off on the road. If only back at the preceding crossover they had an extra sign like "Footpath closed ahead".
A cyclist would then known whats ahead & could have ridden over the preceding crossover onto the road & past the blockage on his bike :-)
When I tried to suggest same to the workman I was told workzone "All to DPTI standards"

Its gets worse. Today they also closed the road, without completing the bikepath work.
They placed a "detour ahead" sign by road back at the Washington St, Roadwork ahead.
They placed a detour sign pointing left  at the next junction (New Orleans) sending road traffic out to the parallel road (Fenchurch) for 3 blocks. Back at the worksite signage has not changed & a cyclist who has ridden up the bikepath to the footpath closed sign, must now carry his bike over the road & then along the reserve as no road to get past on. Alternately he can turn & ride back to the detour sign & lift his bike over the kerb before riding the detour.

Feel there is quite a difference between suitable routes for walking or cycling & signage is needed in advance to allow cyclists to take a sensible sealed cycling route where possible.
eg "Footpath closed ahead" would be very useful at the 1st road work ahead sign.
A  "Cyclist detour >" or even a "walking detour ahead" sign could also be used.

Feel DPTI & supervisors need to consider cyclists needs much more in workzone management.

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