Does it get any better than this? - Weekend Ride Report 16-17 April 2011

I was asked this question yesterday after having climbed Col de Lofty for the first time, with a good number of other experienced and first time mountain goats. I was thinking yesterday that the answer would have to be a resounding no. Then today's Ride for Christchurch has me changing my mind! How good has the weather been for riding the past 2 days?!! Even better was the fact that, unusually, I've been able to get out for both of them (thanks Em)!


Muddies up Mount Lofty 16/04. The group numbered around 16 or so by the time that the groups finally met up near the Tollgate. The day was clear with a little hill-top cloud. It was coldish, but nothing that the Ground Effects gear couldn't handle. This wasn't just a first ascent for me, but also for some others. It was also the first time that some of Michael Warner's mates had been up to see his plaque. This lent a low-key and respectful tone to the event in the best traditions of this caring cycling community. Personally, the climb seemed unending but not without scenery all the way along to compensate. The bollards resembled a start of a tour event with our group and the WOW girls up there with some other smaller groups taking a breather. The final push up to the top was made a bit more colourful when I was on the wrong end of a 'Cat 6' by Roger on his MTB. He was obviously responding to my devastating attack of 50 meters previous! We got up to the cafe together to see the rest of the group well into the process of ordring and drinking coffee and cake.


A few pics (already posted) and a great descent later and it was time to go home.


The Ride for Christchurch: There was about 40-odd cyclists representing a wide range of the cycling community gathered at Montefiore Hill on yet another cool but bright Adelaide morning. There was a gently paced trundle to the Buffalo at Glenelg which raised a good deal of cash for the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal. Kudos to Mark 'Spartacus' Ferguson for pulling this together. There were a couple of highlights for me, firstly, catching up with some more riders for a community event, but also having a go on Dave's beast (the yellow/black peril) at the Buffalo carpark. Want One!


I think it needs to be recognised just how much, in terms of funds, have been raised by Mark and Asami over the past two weekends. It has been an awesome effort by you both, especially when 'donation fatigue' could have discouraged people from coming and donating. Well done. I am proud to say that I belong to a commuity that cares enough to achieve such things.





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Comment by David Gardiner on April 17, 2011 at 18:30
Onya!  Any time you want to borrow the Peril, she'll be there
Comment by MARK FERGUSON (SPARTACUS) on April 17, 2011 at 21:27
Thanks Wattsy, good to ride with you again mate.
Comment by Gus on April 17, 2011 at 22:56

You are very right. The weather was spectacular. I also want to acknowledge the charity mindedness of the community. It's great that over the last two weekends you all raised $1460 for the Japan and NZ disaster relief funds. A little bit goes a long way. A bit to help those people who cannot go cycling because their lives have been torn apart by these events and a lot when it comes to building a strong and respected cycling community here in Adelaide. It's called social capita:

Social capital is the underpinning and core fabric of social communities. Left intact, social capital has a stream of benefits, including safety and security, friendship and community, a sense of civic identity, etc.

Sound familiar? What I like is that anyone can have an idea and call out for support. Wether it be climbing Mt Lofty for the first time (and not get any snobbery) or want to do something for charity and everyone comes together to join in. You might have notcied that there were about 40 cyclists today but only 15 had RSVPd to the event and last weekend for Japan was the same. Cyclists do join in.

I also want to remind you that events like Darren's skill sharing is also a great offer and so are the other regular rides that are dotted throughout the week like TMMLM and Friday's Chasing Forest Range Sunrise and Muddie Satuday ride and all the other ones in the events calendar are great ways of strengthening community, building networks and getting real value from social capital.



Comment by heather on April 18, 2011 at 0:47
Angus, we know that Adelaide Cyclists are nice people. We just have to convince some members of the public, eg through good deeds.
Comment by Emma Watts on April 18, 2011 at 13:08
You are welcome. Now to get us out together!! Bring on uni break...oh and health... x

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