This blog post is actually only part of a much too long post on my blog - By wheel or by water
That post covers some personal stuff, some talk of brakes which I've covered in the discussion thread, What a difference a lever makes and the great locking ring debacle discussed in Quando or locking ring?

There is some new stuff though. Some may have noticed on another thread, that I've come down with a virus. Feeling bored with myself this afternoon, I tackled the crankset on my bike polo bike ... and won!. Here's the story, copied straight from my main blog.


Looking among my boxes of bits, I found another flat bar brake lever and, upon comparing it with the V-brake lever on the bike, discovered that it had a much shorter pull. So I fitted that instead.

Man, what a difference. Instant feel and power! I'm not sure I care if it happens to be the ugliest brake lever ever made (see photo), it works and works well.

I've decided to go back to normal, platform pedals. Clipless wasn't offering enough to offset the hassle of using it. I reserve the right to reverse this decision.

That left me worrying about the crank set. I didn't want to keep using the Ofmega cranks because they'll be going back onto the Europa when she's finally restored to her original glory. There wasn't a cheap way of buying new cranks, though there were options that were 'cheaper'. There were some options for second hand available but I hadn't got around to chasing then down ... and then I took a ruler to my touring bike.

That touring bike doesn't get used for touring though she's done a lot of commuting. Originally, she had a very good groupset of bits but these were removed to build the Jamis. She was reassembled using some second hand mtb bits I got from a friend, and these included a set of Sugino mtb cranks. That mtb gearing never really worked for me and there's a good chance that bike will become my son's commuter next year as he starts uni when she'll almost certainly get more road orientated gearing.

See the evil mind thinking?

Yup, this afternoon, despite fighting a throat infection that's left me a little loopy, I pulled the crankset out of the touring bike and fitted it to the polo bike. The centre chainring lined up nicely with the rear cog - the gearing is now 34x22. I can easily fit a smaller cog if I want to.

The polo bike is pretty much complete now, for the time being anyway (you don't expect me to stop tinkering do you?).

Now to learn how to ride her and there are lots of tricks out there to learn. As I said to someone at bike polo last weekend, I'm learning all sorts of skills I should have leant 40 years ago.

Yup, there's a lot of fun to look forward to. Ain't life great?

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Comment by Gus on November 4, 2010 at 12:27
Road Chief! Love it!
Comment by Richard on November 4, 2010 at 12:42
"Road Chief! Love it! "

Great name isn't it. Does anyone know anything about them? The components were all really low end - steel wheels and bars, rivetted cranks, ultra junky gearing. Although the frame (all that's left of the original bar the rear brake caliper) is probably plain guage tubing, it's pretty light and lively, quite fun to ride in her current role.
Comment by Alexander Langman Hender on November 6, 2010 at 12:09
That brake lever is rad, mate! It's so ugly that it's cool. Very polo.

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