Couldn't cycle much in Adelaide with all that rain... Now I'm sunburnt ;(

After a couple of days of travel, leaving some time also for my knee to heal, I finally got to the Gold Coast for a cycle with Derek last wednesday. A couple of stops the previous days at Coffs Harbor and Byron Bay were also enjoyable

At the gold coast, we had a great cycle out to springbrock. On the return trip we descended some 17% gradient descents. Upon returning to Broadbeach we headed along the esplanade, stopped at Robbie McEwan's cafe for a latte and admired the wildlife. It was very plastic.

Yesterday I rode up to Mt Nebo in Brisbane some nice rolling hills and a very steep descent. Today, I rode with one of my friends out to some wetlands. You can see the details and maps of my rides from my profile page.

These Queensland cyclists have lots of good hills to climb and I think most will not be daunted at all by Checkers Hill during the next TDU. Just getting around the Brisbane suburbs is a good interval training sessions (roads are busier here for the most part from what I've observed)

Now of course in-between cycles I've been walking around a lot. I don't normally suffer from sunburn, but now even after starting to use sun cream my face is burnt to a frizzle with the sun here :(. My skin just hasn't had time to HTFU.

What suntan lotion do youp guys use in summer time? (normally around Adelaide, I don't need to worry about it unless it's a big cycle)

Written on my iPad can oly use the HTML editor so hope this comes out ok

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Comment by Helen on September 4, 2010 at 17:07
Hi Nick..... Nivea Sun (Age defence moisturising facial sunscreen lotion) spf30+ .... this offers very high protection and also helps protect against premature skin ageing with vitamin e...... geese i sound like a medic here
Comment by Nick Hortovanyi on September 4, 2010 at 21:49
I tried that Nivea Sun stuff was terrible with sweat and got all in my eyes. Had to use gloves to clear my eyes wiping the lotion off. Tried the banana boat sports stuff, same issue with sweat but not as bad with leaving milky sweat residue :( ... What happened to the old nivea spray sun lotion was good?

Derek, the sun has been rather strong. Hey forgot to mention saw you the next morning riding back from suffers as I was heading off. Two weeks more for me if I my face will toughen up.

Should of seen the lift and lips on that bunny. Reckon something was transplanted from rear end Jim.

Thanks Liam might see if I can find some. Have got some skin tone zinc cream now
Comment by David Gardiner on September 4, 2010 at 22:14
I still have a bucket of those Mutual Community individual sachets of sunscreen: jeez, I have had to apply a bucket over the last few days, as the wind and rain has taken its toll and washed it all off, leaving me at the mercy of all that hot, strong sun: it's a wonder I haven't dehydrated........bummer, that;s the alarm clock waking me up, must have been dreaming!

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