Conversation with Lord Mayoral candidate Kelly Henderson

I had a long conversation with Kelly Henderson on the weekend. A former President of the Parklands Preservation Society, Kelly is known as taking a fairly uncompromising stand on protecting the Park Lands. We probably need such people, to balance those who just see it as unexploited real estate.

But Kelly wanted to talk to me about cycling. She thinks the Frome Bikeway has created a backlash and has made life more frustrating for motorists, e.g. the right turn bans have made life harder for parents who want to drop kids off at school.  For this reason she wants the bikeway "reviewed". She also opposes the shared use paths in the small parks next to Gilles and Carrington St. She describes these as "illegal". Unfortunately they are also necessary to enable cycling from the south parklands to Frome Street.  

She's opposed to the Council's plans to allow two way cycling down the Margaret St corridor in North Adelaide.

I imagine none of this would appeal to cyclists!

On the other hand she does support a cyclists' path alongside Greenhill Road. More interestingly, she says that the use of the service road on the eastern side of the railway lines by cyclists would be a great idea, because it would bring back to Parklands land that was pinched by the railways when the Adelaide to Glenelg railway was built. (The photo is of the service road south of the Hilton Bridge.)

It's nice to know we could probably get support from the Parklands Preservation Society if we decided to campaign for this.

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Comment by Scott Davis on October 22, 2014 at 16:08

She also opposes the shared use paths in the small parks next to Gilles and Carrington St. She describes these as "illegal".

Bikes on roads are "vehicles" and have to obey road laws. Pedestrians on/near roads have to obey certain rules too (e.g. not jaywalking, stop at DON'T WALK signs). Shared paths have clear intent and responsibilities, but what is a park without any specific signage? If the shared path signs are removed, are any or all of pedestrians, bikes and cars allowed to travel through the space?

I'm just wondering if the shared path signs are actually permitting or prohibiting activities, or simply reminding all people of what other people might be doing there anyway.

Comment by Ian Radbone, BISA committee on October 22, 2014 at 16:34

Basically putting in a shared use sign permits bikes to ride on it.  Sometimes footpaths will have shared use signs in order to exempt cyclists from the prohibition on riding on footpaths (e.g. King William Road, outside Adelaide Oval).

Comment by Andrew K on October 22, 2014 at 17:10

I would ask her, given the amount of space given to roads in the city, why do parents 'have' to drive down Frome Road to turn right? Motorists have plenty of other choices.

I would encourage her to get on a bike and ride around in various conditions before she considers planning for cyclists.

Comment by Darren B on October 26, 2014 at 16:21
I can believe I'm actually agreeing to a post from Dave M. I'm sick of being held to ransome by a group of N.I.M.B.Y's!

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