Botanic Park Bike lane closure due to WOMADelaide

Is everyone aware of the closure of the shared path along Plain Tree Drive between the zoo and Hackney Road for the week before and during the WOMADelaide event. And the closure is longer each year.

WOMADelaide promotes itself clean and green and even have a section on their website promoting how cycling is the preferred method of transport to the event. Their green credentials are seriously flawed if they think that closing the shared path along Plain tree Drive between the zoo and Hackney road is a good idea. This is a major commuter cyclist link for cyclists travelling to the CBD from the North East and its closure is incredibly disruptive and dangerous. The alternate off road route is the undulating, poor quality& blind corner path north of the zoo.

Botanic Park is used for major events throughout the year and manages to set up and run these events successfully while keeping the shared path open. Why is this event different.

WOMADelaide organisers has little concern for commuter cyclists so is it worth complaining to anyone else? After all the parklands are owned by all South Australians, commuter cycling should be encouraged and road safety is paramount.

Rant Over.


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