An interesting weekend of cycling activities

My weekend started with a few hours at the community bicycle workshop I had a free-wheel I was keen to try and revive. However I am not confident this was successful.

Also while there we took a donated bike from and sold a bike to a gentleman who wanted to put a motor on it I did suggest that 40+ Km/hr on a base grade MTB may exceed what the bike is designed for. I drooled over a new Hillbrick very shiny shiny but no gears? Are brakes for wimps?

Whyat from the states came in and offered to help with some bikes for refugees I saw Mike explaining chain breakers to him during the course of the morning. Whyat also left with the bike path maps from DETI.

Renaud an international student from Europe (maybe Italy) who had been in a few weeks ago to service his MTB because he broke a pedal this was replaced while discussing his ride to Mclaren Vale on his bike.

Another person with a Giant road bike that was about 12 months old came in and got some assistance with gear maintenance.

Near the end of the morning we received another donation from a woman who's son had given up using his MTB and now road is road bike. It had alloy frame Marzocchi air shocks and hydraulic disc brakes the cluster on the back seemed very clean. I should have asked where they lived hard rubbish in that street may be interesting :-)

a few people who hadn't ridden bikes with hydraulic disks had a ride Tamba from Sierra Leone

suggested they “make you jump” (over the handle bars perhaps?) I even caught BJ looking at the bike a bit longer than may be polite (perhaps everybody upgrades eventually).

Sunday was the cargo bike picnic this was an interesting event with 2 recumbent bikes and a lot of cargo bikes in attendance. Riding the cargo bikes they were surprisingly easy to ride to and surprisingly agile this may change when they are fully loaded. I would be hesitant to use the “Christana” style at speed. How they handle hills with a full load could also be interesting. I also took a Greenspeed trike for a spin very interesting “bike” the adjustment for leg length (seat height on a regular bike) is a bit long winded. Thanks to all those who participated and made the event a success.

I also got talking to a few people about bike maintenance including a woman who has attended the bike workshop a few times. She told me how she assisted a friend change a brake cable recently. This was a highlight that the knowledge of bike maintenance is being passed on and hopefully will not become lost.

The total Km traveled for the weekend was modest but I still had some fun with cycling

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