The meaning of life, the universe and everything, the answer to which is 42.

My beloved partner and I were watching Stephen Fry Live at the Sydney Opera House (tv program) last night. During the Q & A segment, he was asked about the meaning of life, the universe and everything, with the comment that he is now the only person alive who knows why Douglas Adams decided upon that answer. Fry described how the last time he'd tried to answer that question, there'd been a mysterious fault in the sound system and the answer wasn't broadcast, but he generously volunteered to repeat Douglas Adam's answer ... and lo, as he did, the sound system failed again.

Cor life gets away from you doesn't it. Nothing posted for a week or so and it's not because I had nothing to post about, rather I had too much and not enough time to do it justice. Mind you, it didn't help that a heavy cycling regime had me going to bed early coz I wuz kerstufferated.

We celebrated my partner's birthday at Hahndorf with a lovely meal and assault on the shops amid some beautiful spring weather and surprisingly small crowds. Hahndorf is a lovely place - it had become horribly touristy, rather cheap and nasty during the 90's but it's now a great place to visit and to shop. Try the locally brewed beer - it's good stuff. Micro-breweries are grouse mate.

My son's studying hard for his year 12 exams - dunno where he gets his study ethic from, it's not from his dad. Also this week, he's had trials for his soccer club - four sessions over a week and a half, with an extra one scheduled if needed. He was accepted during the third session and told he'd been listed to play for the U23's (he was trialling for the U19's). The club plays in the local Super League, which is the top level of state soccer in this state. Naturally, his aim is to play in the A-league (the national competition). He's certainly got the desire and work rate. In the meantime, he's applied for university next year ... in sporting related fields.

Work's had me busy and I've got this next week off (yay!) while the kids are on holidays (boo!). I'm about to take my daughter off to her favourite playground. Guess I should inflict her upon her grandparents at some point.

Boats - well, I moved them both this week ... but only to get at the rear workbench so I could make a bike polo mallet.

Speaking of bike polo mallets, I've finally found an honourable use for golf clubs - cut the heads off and use the shaft for your mallet. Sorry, I'm of the 'good walk ruined' school of golfer. I even had a good session at bike polo last weekend without breaking anything, hurting anything, destroying any clothes or killing anyone else, a big improvement over previous sessions. My partner watched the lunacy for the first time ... and still wants to be seen with me.

The custom bike project took another step forward as I got the measurements and specifications list this week - double butted, chrome lugged, steel frame with Miche components throughout, she'll be gorgeous.

It's been a good week.

Now to top it with a better week.

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Comment by Alexander Langman Hender on October 14, 2010 at 15:16
Great to see you at polo, mate.

I think I head butted you off the bike at some point but we both came out laughing.

I won't be around for this Sunday but the rest of the team will. It promises to be a cracker.

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