3 countries, where winter vacation is better than summer one

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  •  India

It is a rainy country, which is included to list of prohibited places for a summer vacation. From May to September the humidity is very high and strives every day to rain. But comfortable winter weather: air temperature - in the range of + 30 ° C, the water in the ocean is warming up to + 25 ° C.

The entertainment lovers should choose Goa for relaxation and sports need to go to Kerala. 10 days in Goa tickets from Minsk will cost about 900 USD.

Spectacular Taj Mahal, the "city of the dead" - Varanasi, the sacred Ganges - all "seasoned" riot of colors, spices, aroma, contrast richest temples and local poverty. If we make these 10/07/14 days at the beach, all the "highlights" of the country and can be missed.

The popular resorts of India: Goa, Kerala.

  •  Cuba

Cuba in the summer - it is a direct threat not just showers, and the whole of hurricanes! And if the summer - it's unbearable heat and humidity due to the short-term, but the heavy rains, the first half of autumn - this hurricane season. So there it is better to go from December to May. The air warms up to + 26 ° C, water up to + 23 ° C.

Cuba - a Latin temperament, breathable history of Old Havana, palm trees, beaches, amazing underwater world and pouring rum river. 7-10 days in an atmosphere of Varadero Hotel 3-4 * with departure from Moscow (from Minsk charters to Cuba do not fly), will cost approximately 1200 USD per person.

Popular resorts in Cuba: Havana, Varadero.

  •  Mexico

The most expensive country in our review of options for winter beach holiday. Tour for 10 days in Mexico will cost about 1400 USD per person. And spend this amount on a summer holiday in Mexico - is not permissible. Because at that time in the country not only to rains and storms, but also occur invasion of mosquitoes. So the journey is better to plan for the November-April. The air in the winter warms up to +27, the water on the Pacific coast - up to + 24 ° C, in the Caribbean - up to + 25 ° C.

In Mexico should go not so much for the bounty beaches, as for the study of the remains of ancient Mayan civilization, spicy exotic cuisine and unforgettable Mexican fervor. In addition, there is also the natural parks with all sorts of activities and vibrant nightlife - who has not heard about the disco "Coco Bongo" in Cancun?

Popular resorts in Mexico: Cancun, Riviera Maya, Acapulco.

Visa: 140 USD, it is very difficult to obtain.

About the Author: Michael Moper is a student. He is a traveler.

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