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Just how many ways are there to Murray Bridge

I've been waiting for the extension of the southern rail line to Seaford to be opened for some time. as luck would have it, it opened a couple of weeks ago and Gorge road was closed so my route to Murray Bridge was pretty much dictated by the SA government transport authorities. I bought my railway ticket at just after 09.00 which meant it cost me only $3.10 to transport myself and bike to Seaford. I was fortunate that I travelled and one of the few new electric trains and I have to say they…


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The Jack Bobridge Trail (Something a little bit different)

I hooked up with the Gully Grinders last Sunday as they were touring the Barossa and I was going to ride up to Tanunda to check out the Cyclocross. We rode up Main Nth Road to Gawler, onto Sandy Creek and then just before Lyndoch we got onto the Jack Bobridge bike path. The first 100 metres was differant in a weird way in that the path has a line of Stobie poles in the middle, I think theres a photo of the path with poles somewhere on AC and there has been some criticism of the design,…


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Shaken but not Rattled Part 2

So having fairwelled Brett and Quentin we set off for the Rattler trail. Whilst Roger and I voted, Andrew, had chatted to a local about the trail who seemed to think that there might be a little storm water damage. The Rattler trail follows the old line of a railway from Auburn to Riverton. As we left Auburn we hadn't decided whether to go all the way to Riverton or to leave the path at Rhnie and return to Auburn via the bitumin.

It soon became apparent that this trail is no where…


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Shaken but not Rattled

So election day had been announced, The Dirty Dozen was on, The Royal Show was on so whats a bloke to do. Get out of Adelaide, away from car park seeking drivers with electoral dysfunction away from psycolists suffering from altitude sicknes, away from dagwood dogs and fairy floss.

So 3 hardy souls (myself, Andrew and Roger) departed Sefton Park at the crack of dawn and 2 nocturnal ferals (possums Brett and Quentin) departed McLarenVale sometime earlier and all by car headed for…


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Murray Bridge via Mexico

So last weekend I took a ride to my regular destination Murray Bridge. This time though I had some extra time and I decided to try a new route. Head south to the badlands of Mexico and wind my way through Clarendon, Strath, Langhorne Creek and up to Murray Bridge via Brinkley. After getting some route advice on how to get from the Veloway to Chandlers Hill from a notorious local bandido who prefers to affect an Irish name my course was set.

The first section from home to Veloway is…


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Murphys Law or

Murphys law or Sods law or is there a similar law that is cycling specific.

Went outside early this morning and noticed that there had been a few drops of rain but the cloud cover had thinned, just like yesterday, a perfect cycling day. Joined the Grinders for a hills ride following the BUPA route as far as Kersbrook. Light shower started at One Tree Hill, continues all the way to the top of Kersbrook hill, not enough to warrant stopping and donning the jacket. Fanging down…


Added by Clive Palfrey on January 13, 2013 at 17:51 — 4 Comments

A wandering star

I discovered a couple of weeks ago that The Elizabeth Star Cyclists ride on Monday mornings as well as Wednesdays and they don't start until 9.30, given that on alternate weeks I work 7 days and feel fairly buggered on Sunday night this seemed an ideal group for me on my fortnightly Mondays off.

Having checked Google maps and Cycle Instead I plotted my route from home to Star Cycles. Unfortunately that was more than a week ago and a photocopy of the relevent street directory would…


Added by Clive Palfrey on April 16, 2012 at 20:00 — 12 Comments

A long way down

As mentioned in a discussion earlier this week I set out on Friday morning for Murray Bridge. The route, Gorge Road, Gumeracha, Mt Pleasent, Keyneton, Sedan, Murray Bridge. I ride to Murray Bridge quite regularly as my wife has family there and we enjoy the break and their company and I like to try differant routes, this time I wanted to go down Sedan Hill. I rode up Sedan Hill on Grand Slam 5 and really wanted to ride the descent.

I had intended on getting an early start, 05.30ish as…


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Is it devious or deviant to deviate up Deviation Road?

Went for a ride this morning with Gillian and Don, started a little late, no Don wasn't late he was just in another place. So up Gorge Road we go quite breezy in places and unkindly the the God of wind was blowing in our faces (but no smell). Regrouped at KC Dam, Don using all his muscles including the walking ones up the steep bits and the smiley ones once he had caught us. Onward to the Top Shop in Gummeracha for another regroup and a longer wait, how I remember those walks on my first…


Added by Clive Palfrey on November 28, 2011 at 17:22 — 20 Comments

Sailing can be fun as well.

Did one of my favourite rides on Friday. Modbury, Gorge Road, Gumeracha, Birdwood, Tungkillo, Palmer and Murray Bridge where I overnighted. As the forecast was for 37 degrees I wanted to get an early start but after a few 04.30 starts during the week and the body clock said Nooooooo so the 06.30 start became an 07.30 start. Nice and cool riding up to Gumeracha. a deli stop (the only one for the day Pat) then on to Birdwood, still some very high light cloud cover so not to hot yet though the…


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It aint arf ot mum.

Rode from Modbury to Pt Noarlunga to meet with the Southern riders today. Roger joined me at Darlington and we headed up the Velloway. Made good time and hung around for a while waiting for the bunch, hung around a bit longer until the party was over.

Then Roger and I were guided by Pat along with Baron toward Hallet Cove where we parted company. Some of those suburban streets are real buggers and quite steep and my first warm hot ride for the season was beginning to take it's toll.…


Added by Clive Palfrey on November 5, 2011 at 17:18 — 2 Comments

Once, twice, a bitch, third time a lady

So after 2 attempts at GS4 were curtailed by lady luck leading me astray and/or dumping copious amounts of water on me not to mention trying to blow me back from Nairn to Woodside and beyond I finally completed the full 150km course today. Observations, I much prefer loop2. The hill from Woodchester up to Wistow wasn't nearly as bad as I expected and when I got to Wistow Quarry I wondered what the fuss was all about, then I discovered that Wistow is some km's further on. One of those tricky…


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Who said "Get on your Bike"?

Had a really crappy ride today. Decided to tackle GS4. After a week of early rising (04.30) I should have known better but decided to give it a go as the weather forecast looked promising. Started off well (if a little later than intended) Aldgate Valley Road is alway a nice ride, up or down so long as the up is at the beginning of the day. Weather was pleasent and nothing too hard in the hills. Got a little confused in Bridgewater as the road signs don't match the on line directions and the…


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It seems to me that we are unlikely to see scenes on the same scale here as we have seen in London given the differance in population and population density. However we have had and are having some pretty scary things. Cronulla, Australian Open Tennis, soccer matches, bikie shoot outs, drunken street brawls Most recently (I think it was yesterday) I heard that following an attack and robbery of a group of students in Festival theatre Plaza, two arrests have been made, one 12 year old boy and…


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GS3 ticked finally

I finally did GS3 today, solo. Barry was due to ride with me but is down with some kind of terrible fever, it could even be Man Flu.

Departed Williamstown at 09.30 and really enjoyed the 20 odd kms to Gawler thinking how good is this. Gawler to Kersbrook via One Tree Hill Rd and Humbug Scrub argh, a long long up hill stretch. Near the top of One tree hill road and near Alexander Ave I got swooped for the first time this season by a very persistant Magpie. Nice long downhill to…


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Give cyclists a metre?

I heard it on the radio 891 this morning. Cadel Evans has signed a petition which seeks to make the Give Cyclists a meter reccomendation turned into law. Some discussion followed and the RAA had a rep on the show, unfortunately I was a bit busy at the time and couldn't hear too much of what was being said.

However, how would this be implemented under law. Is it really practical to suggest that motorists may not pass a cyclist unless they can give them a metre clearance or should it be…


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Left home 7.30 Friday for my ride to Murray Bridge. Bike serviced on Thursday and new chain. Chain came off the large crank 2 or 3 times in the lower stretches of Gorge Rd then got worse as the climb got steeper and came off the lower crank as well. Not happy but figured it would improve once I was over the worst of the climb. 30 mt before I got to Kangaroo Creek Resevoir I came to a sudden stop. For some reason the rear derailleur had dragged into the wheel. Managed to pull derailleur out from… Continue

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Been there done that

I've been wanting to ride to Murray Bridge for several months now and finally yesterday I did it. Gorge Rd, Gumeracha, Birdwood, Tunkillo, Palmer and Murray Bridge. Although the temps got into the mid 30's it was an enjoyable ride, unusually I chose to ride with music, Santana, Mark Knoffler and Leonard Cohen live. After a refuel stop in Gummeracha I sailed through Birdwood, had no difficulty with the steady incline to and beyond Tunkillo. The long descent down to Palmer and beyond was…


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The Scott Expedition

Well the man said we may be sometime and he was right. Left home a little after 7.30 and got home a little after 5.30. Quite a lot of…

Added by Clive Palfrey on December 27, 2010 at 18:55 — 4 Comments

No Czechs or cheques checked on unchequered check of Checker Hill Road ride

So it's almost 2 weeks ago since AC had the Checker recce and I lost my way. So I went to Google for direction and found my way today. Now somebody said in a previous post that it doesn't really look that steep, I think the simple answer to that person is shoot him. It looks steep, it is steep and I rode up it. Note the lack of the letters w, a, l and k in that statement. I must admit I did stop a couple of times to catch my breath. Oh I also stopped a… Continue

Added by Clive Palfrey on October 22, 2010 at 19:27 — 2 Comments

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