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Vale Michael (Mick) Adams

To those on this site who may remember him as the ever-reliable Tail-End-Charlie for the Gawler Wheelers back in their first few years, it is with sadness that I report the passing of Mick Adams last week after a short illness. Mick was one of the reasons why the Wheelers took-off the way they did and he showed me the importance of having someone unflappable and helpful at the pack of a group ride in order to encourage new riders to become regular riders. 

He made friends on the…


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Southern Suburbs Road Cyclists - 4th Birthday Ride



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Tales from The Pie Ride - In Aid of MIFSA - 2015

The event day preparations started pre-dawn at Home Grain Bakery at Aldinga, with the sound of thousands of galahs which have made the local area home drowning out many an attempt to communicate!

The wonderful folks at the bakery were already up and about and filling the pie warmer with meat pies and the most amazing smelling vegan sausage…


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I Started a Joke - The Pie Ride

Hi all

Last February marked the opening of Home Grain Bakery in McLaren Flat and, as a joke, I made a suggestion that a ride with three bakery stops take place, with the Aldinga Home Grain Bakery as the start and finish and their new Home Grain Bakery at McLaren Flat as the mid-point. A short, but…


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The 2014 Bupa Challenge – From the Back of the Back.

A restless night staying at a motel close to the start negated the need to disturb the sparrows and leave Aldinga at ridiculous o’clock to get to Unley. I placed myself at the back of the back of the huge collection of cyclists and waited nervously for the start. I rolled through the start timer approximately 15min after the gun was fired. The plan was to try to get up the freeway in good enough shape (read: slowly) to complete the whole thing. I knew that it would be at least a 9 hour day…


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Grand Slam 2 2013 - Pachyderms Powering Up!

Starting in Willunga is the most local an event ride gets to a dweller of the Deep South. After completing all of 38km of the previous Grand Slam at Mt Torrens and also having recce'd both loops of GS2 in the intervening period I was fairly sure that I could complete the full ride and had few excuses not to. The number of kilometres I had ridden in between GS1 and GS2 had increased markedly and a bit of weight had come off also, so this further added to my confidence level. Still, this was…


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What I Wished I Knew Before. - A Tale from a Heavy Cyclist.

For those of you reading this who have not ridden with me before, I'm a big, heavy rider of 118kgs (260lbs). I have no problem in saying I have always struggled with my weight and cycling has been something I could do to help this.In practice this means I mean ride around slowly and stop at most of the bakeries in the Fleurieu, which can be sort of counter productive (but really enjoyable)! Still, the bike and gearing I have allows me to participate in some of the social group rides and even…


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A Ride With the Boys.

Following a few nights of not much sleep, I bailed on the Muddies ride up Willunga Hill and thought (hoped) that the ride I had teed up with my 11 year old nephew would go some way to remediating my lack of activity! The ride was due to take place on Sunday morning and as my nephew, who used to be a bit of a bike hater, has become the kid who can get around a rolling trail for 40km (with a few breaks), I figured that the 40km ‘L’ ride route would be a decent test for him and a bit of fresh…


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Ow! Bupa Challenge 2012 - Tick!

Juz, Reidy and myself headed off at 5am, whilst the finishing touches were being made to the start line infrastructure, (at least we didn’t have to hear “Feel the Rush”, again)! As we headed along Lower NE road there were a surprisingly large number of riders heading towards Norwood. It was still dark when we got to the bottom of Anstey’s Hill. Dawn had broken through by the time I made the ascent, which marked my first time up Anstey’s. Kersbrook didn’t seem to pose too many problems either…


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Enjoying the Difference - Almost as much as I'd like!

It must be the time for reflection, must be caused by the weather!

I could go on about the difference that Adelaide Cyclists have made to my life this year, instead I will outline the list of events I have been fortunate to take part in through the year.

The Ridiculous Ride - A cruisey ride from Melbourne to Adelaide. My first crack at touring on a bike) and raising 10k for the McGrath Foundation with fellow AC'er Dayne Smithett (based in Sydney) and ably assisted on the road…


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My First Restoration Projects.

Hi all.

Today marked the day I picked up two old frames for my first go at restoration. The bikes are a Speedwell Streak (a make I'd never heard of) from some time in the 1970's (10 speed, Falcon derailleur) and a Ricardo tourer (10 speed ,Shimano derailleur) which I reckon is slightly more modern (80's). The original idea is to make one a fixie/single speed and the other a tourer (easy to pick which one should be which).

Neither bike has any connection to anyone notable in…


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Winter Solstice Ride - 22nd June 2011

This was an extra-ordinary ride (for me at least) so I thought I'd try to describe why.


I had been wondering for a while if there was going to be a ride to mark the winter solstice, as there had been a summer solstice ride. The summer version was, as many people who have been on this site for a while would know, a ride that had a degree of tragedy attached to it and personally I was hoping to claim back a bit of fun and achievement for this particular solstice ride***. I…


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Forgive me Father for I have sinned.


What do you wish to confess my son?


 The days have grown shorter, and I have over-fueled and under-ridden. My relationship with my bike is at a low ebb an my weight is at a high tide. What should I do?


Say three Hail Marys,get on you trainer more often, BTFU and RIDE NORTONS ON…


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Does it get any better than this? - Weekend Ride Report 16-17 April 2011

I was asked this question yesterday after having climbed Col de Lofty for the first time, with a good number of other experienced and first time mountain goats. I was thinking yesterday that the answer would have to be a resounding no. Then today's Ride for Christchurch has me changing my mind! How good has the weather been for riding the past 2 days?!! Even better was the fact that, unusually, I've been able to get out for both of them (thanks Em)!



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The Best Day for the Best Event

Like many of you on this site, this morning would have seen you leave the sea, wind through the hills and down the Fleurieu in a big "question mark" shaped course down to Victor Harbour. For me at least, there was never the question of asking "WHY". Not even the 8 degrees (less wind chill) experienced between Aldgate and Echunga.


We started from Sterling. Half an hour early. My experienced co-riders like it that way, and after being the last man home on other large group ride…


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I'm one of "Those". I ride a triple!

I'm coming out of the lycra clad closet. Those of you that have already ridden with with me could probably already tell by looking, although you may not have noticed. I have been ridiculed for it. I have seen disapproving looks. I have seen shakes of the head. I have seen knowing and whistful smiles!


I must admit was surprised that it was looked down upon in some areas of the cycling siblinghood, but there again I have been on the fringes of this culture for some time. It was…


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