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September, the month of Lynn’s intended ride from Meadows to Melbourne

To explain, I must go back to 12 months ago when a friend of ours announced he was going to organize a charity ride, for himself, to ride from Meadows to Melbourne in September 2015. John, who was organizing this, has suffered from Leukemia for many years and has found the Leukemia Foundation had helped him through some bad times and that he would like to repay some of this by organizing a charity event on their behalf with all proceeds going to them.

Well, when Lynn herd this she…


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My Riding Coming to an end for 2014

A Mixed Year

This years cycling has brought some very mixed emotions along with mixed results. After finishing 2013 with some very big personal achievements that can be see on the post For What Was 2013 in my world of cycling I started the year fresh. To the end of Feb I was already on a roll starting with Day 1 of the Cervo Rosso Grand Brevett, a ride from home, to the city and…


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Three Year Anniversary (cycling as an adult)

Well, the 11th of August slipped by without me noticing, that is the day in 2011 that I rode a bike for the first time as an adult. Since then I have cycled, on average, just short of 1,000 km's each month to clock up 35,385 km's to date.

My blog posts, this year, have dropped of a lot as I lost some enthusiasm for posting when I lost my earlier posts due to hardware failure and lack of foresight, read insufficient backup! Besides that, I feel I have little to offer new riders anymore…


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Over 50 Old Man Problems or are they!

If you don't have them then there is not much point in you reading any further! In fact you probably don't want to so go away now!

A little History

I have been riding about 2 1/2 years and have ridden over 31,500 km's but I am sure this story will be similar to some people who have ridden much less. For several years now I have been concerned with issues pointing to the well known problems with the prostate men seem to suffer as…


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What's New with me in 2014

This post is a duplication from my blog at Some formatting may have been lost.

To The end of February 2014

A few things have happened:

  • Day 1 of the Cervo Rosso Grand Brevett
  • BUPA Challenge 2014
  • Another New Bike
  • A Small Crash

I am intentionally going to keep this brief but before I start I would like to…


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For what was 2013 in my world of cycling

My second full year of cycling produced many firsts along with a mix of highs and lows. A new bike, bigger solo rides, bigger group rides and several small crashes. A rise and fall and rise again of my cycling fitness along with the fall then rise of my body weight. All this compressed into 240 rides in 526 hours of riding.

Lynn Learns to Cycle

The most exciting occurrence to me this year has been Lynn's progress in her goals to ride a bike. She has shed her elbow pads and…


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Redliners Tour Du Sud (Tour of the South) 2013

Some formatting may be destroyed in the translation to this site. To see the original post please check out

List of riders names updated.…



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Glenelg to Victor Harbor and back in a day - Organised by Richard Stevens

How it began


An Event on Face book at "Victor Harbor Ride"

A few weeks back Richard Stevens decided he fancied a ride to Victor Harbor and back in a day and mentioned it to others. There appeared to be a bit of interest from people wishing to join him on his journey so he created a …


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200 miles/322 km’s in a day

320kms In a Day

You can check the details out on Strava.


Several questions come immediately to mind the first, and definitely not the least, why? I guess it stems back to the ride earlier this year with the Redliners on the Milano Classica – 290 km’s in…


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My Primary Blog site is no more!

For all those who have been to as my primary blog site will no longer be able to do so. A catastrphic hardware failure and backup failure has made the site extinct.  I am considering using my site I started a couple of years ago but that will not be updated with the older posts as I simply don't have them.

I am only considering this external…


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My Cycling in Adelaide's Winter

Great day for the middle of winter

My biggest problem for my second winter on the bike has been motivation! Since the Milano Classica I have struggled to find direction, goals or in fact much motivation to get my bum on my bike seat.  Its not that the weather has been bad or I haven't had time it's simply a lack of impulse to want to ride. I have managed a poultry 702 km's in June this year compared to 1,335 km's in June 2012, maybe the answer lies in this.

I have tried reducing my target km's each…


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Update on "Continental GatorHardshell" tyres


Back in Feburary I blogged how "I threw in the towel" on trying different tyres because I was getting so many punctures and ordered some Continental GatorHardshells. These are a little more expensive than most of the tyres I have tried but as we were heading out of summer I felt some winter tyres might just be the…


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Bains road in the wind followed by the Redliners!

In the weeks leading up to the Milano Classica I had reduced my climbing to a single climb a week in favor of training to ride at a faster pace and for longer.  On balance I chose the right direction I believe as these were the major attributes required for the ride however I still suffered a little because my climbing was a little weak and showed on many of the undulations encountered along the 230 km's we actually completed.  After coming to this conclusion I have decided…


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2013 "Milano Classica" by Redline Cycling - Ride Report


What was it!

Its best to checkout the official web page at "2013 Milano Classica – 28 April 2013 « Redline Cycling" to get an idea what was planned. It didn't all go to plan even though it had been well organised. The support was great even for those that went astray! I would personally recommend rides organised by these guys for anyone as long as you thoroughly  checkout…


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Redliners 20th April 2013


Today's Outer Harbour ride is the last one I will attend before heading out on the Milano Classica on the 28th. I have already decided to taper my rides as I am only 8 days out. For this, I drove to Glenelg to limit the ride to just Outer Habour and back. It was quite fresh when I arrived at 7:40am so I did a short spin along Adelphi Tce so that I might warm up my legs. Wearing long bib nick's and arm warmers, well actually sun sleeves I felt warm enough but my legs seemed…


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Redliners Sunday Ride, what?

Didn't I ride with them to Outer Harbour yesterday! Yes, I did and Kane McCard during the week had asked if I was going to do the 100 km ride on Sunday to which I replied what 100 km ride?  He told me they were going to duplicate a ride they did on the 1st December 2012 which could be seen at  Kane is doing the  Milano Classica with me so I thought it was a good chance to ride with him…


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Redliners, Saturday the 13th April 2013

I am writing this entry to my blog only for completeness as there isn't a lot to actually say. All planning for Milano Classica training is going ok and this is just another Redliners Outer Harbour ride, or is it!

Actually it's all about getting ready for the Milano Classica, getting km's in the legs in preparation for that epic journey of 290 km's in one day!  Of late I have concentrated too much on average speed to the detriment of my cadence.  I have been producing long'ish rides…


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Last Redliners Outer Harbour ride in March

Tough ride with the guys today! After completing a 175 km, 27 kph average,  ride with David yesterday the tank was half empty before I even left home.  I was a little hesitant about attending with the reserves so low and a weather forecast of showers developing.  At 6:30 am my alarm went off and it was time to make a decision weather to attend or not. Obviously I wouldn't be writing this if I had decided I wasn't!

Up The Driveway

As I rode up the driveway I knew today was…


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Just Another Bike Review - 2013 Verite Team S 105 full carbon


I can't believe I am going to write a bike review, as if there are not enough of these on the Internet already! Before I get into the review I should let you know what my driving force was behind buying this bike and what my expectations were in doing so.

I ride a lot of kilometers and so I would like a bike that absorbs the lumps and bumps a little better and one that is a couple of kilograms lighter as well.  Cash is at a premium so I was not looking to buy a new bike right…


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Redline Cycling ride again


When I decided to enter the 2013 Milano Classica 290 km's in a day ride I had only ridden one ride at a 30 kph + average. Since that time I have been working on increasing my average speed for my rides because simply put, if I don't ride quick enough I won't finish 290 km's in the 12 hours available when including stops!  If I was able to do the entire distance without stopping for food, drink and nature stops I would have to average over 24 kph! If we have just 10 1/2…


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