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Europa reborn ... again

Yup, my beloved old Europa has undergone yet another metamorphosis.

I bought this old bike in the mid-eighties and used her on and off for years. Typically, I'd start riding her during the TdF and some years, would stop a few months later while other years, I'd still be riding when the next TdF came around. In the late nineties, the front dr broke and I stopped riding. Six years ago, I repaired things and got back into riding. She served as a stripped down version of her earlier…


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Recycled Road Chief

You've met this old bike before, when she was done up for bike polo duties. Well, she's moved on ... again.


A bit of history, I bought this bike ... frame (coz that's all that's left) for $20 from ebay. The components were very low end and the wheels steel rimmed horrors with some of the cheapest hubs I've ever seen. Surprisingly though, the frame is quite light and seems quite sound. Nice to ride too. Sure, it'd be plain guage tubing but a nice frame for all that.



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Of wogs and rides and trying to kill me kids

I've luxuriated in the arms of a full on throat virus this last week - coughing, spluttering, loopy thinking (even by my standards). Lost a week at work, got thoroughly bored with myself and managed to give it to my son, just as he started his year 12 exams - yup, he did one of the big maths subjects, hardly able to talk.

So things have been interesting.

For the record - the term 'wog' is Australese for an illness ... though it was also used in the past as a derogative term… Continue

Added by Richard on November 8, 2010 at 10:01 — 2 Comments

Cranks and stuff

This blog post is actually only part of a much too long post on my blog - By wheel or by water

That post covers some personal stuff, some talk of brakes which I've covered in the discussion thread, What a difference a lever makes and the great locking ring debacle discussed in Quando… Continue

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The meaning of life, the universe and everything, the answer to which is 42.

My beloved partner and I were watching Stephen Fry Live at the Sydney Opera House (tv program) last night. During the Q & A segment, he was asked about the meaning of life, the universe and everything, with the comment that he is now the only person alive who knows why Douglas Adams decided upon that answer. Fry described how the last time he'd tried to answer that question, there'd been a mysterious fault… Continue

Added by Richard on October 4, 2010 at 14:24 — 1 Comment

Cranks make me cranky

The beast shown above is my bike polo bike.

Bike polo is a great game, played on a tennis court. Two teams of three, each person wielding a mallet, trying to put a ball through the goals. You can… Continue

Added by Richard on September 24, 2010 at 17:23 — 1 Comment

Just loafin' along

Flat stage in the Tour de Insanity today. I dropped my daughter at school, left the car there and rode to work - just over 11kms and pretty much dead flat though I do have to play with the big boys in their Tonka Trucks.

The morning ride went as normal ie, I went like blazes and arrived at work hot and sweaty, which isn't bad considering it's still winter (I can't wait for summer). As it happens, it was a nice morning for a ride and the automobile tribe were relatively well… Continue

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Some days you're Superman, some days you're his underpants

As suggested by Angus, this has been copied from my blog 'By wheel or water'

Yup, I had one of 'those' days.

I had to drop the lad's car off for a service so took the bike with me to get home afterwards. The ride home took me up Expressway Hill (the first climb on the Veloway), a 3km upward grind that has everyone gasping to some extent. It's not a… Continue

Added by Richard on September 20, 2010 at 19:00 — 2 Comments

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