Tribute to a work mate hospitalised because of car in bike lane

Because this car was parked in the bike lane a work mate of mine is now hospitalised with broken pelvis, dislocated hip joint, injured knee and bruising. They hope to start surgery next week when his condition should have stabilised. More pictures and videos at

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Comment by heather on April 18, 2012 at 23:02

Bad news. A broken pelvis will veto riding for some time. Let us know how he is going.

Who took the photo? I can make out the rego and guess you can read the vehicle branding.

The last time I crashed I had a camera on me, but could not get up from the road unassisted and could barely use my fingertips. So did not record the offending pothole of a poorly maintained road.

You or your mate might find some useful hints on the AC group Look For Cyclists about reporting, insurance, etc. Steve Orr, who is in long recovery from a bicycle-vehicle collision, might give some hints on how to detail the incident and ongoing costs.

Comment by Don (Who's lost?) Nairn on April 18, 2012 at 23:09

Is this a bike lane?

There was a tread recently that suggested without signs on posts it is not a bike lane.

I hope your friend has a swift and full recovery.

Ride carefully and stay safe.

Comment by heather on April 18, 2012 at 23:10

Checked the link. Many photos of vehicles in bicycle lanes. If you record the date, time and location, you could report to SAPOL Traffic Watch on 131 444 (24-hr). Some officers disinterested but action taken if you get an interested officer. Let me know how this goes.

Comment by heather on April 19, 2012 at 0:06

At Australian Road Rules, s. 153—Bicycle lanes names necessary signage for a 'compliant' bicycle lane, which differs from a cycling area. Most drivers would not know the difference and think they are obstructing a bicycle lane, when actually a cycling area. Vehicles can travel for a short distance in a bicycle lane prior to turning left. Is the distant vehicle close to a road to the left? Some vehicles permitted to stop in bicycle lanes, e.g. emergency like police, and buses and taxis when picking up or setting down passengers. Does not permit buses to park in the Fitzroy Terrace bicycle lane, then the drivers vacate the empty buses. This info could be useful for your collage of vehicles in bicycle lanes, and when reporting to police.

Comment by Johan T on May 1, 2012 at 0:04
He had a long operation (best part of 5 hours) on Friday to repair his acetabulum, (I googled it, it’s the socket in the pelvis that the top of the leg sits in).
The surgeon said that it went very well and that it all the bits are back where they belong with relatively minor abrasions on the actual socket surface. They warned us that there would be a fair bit of pain in the 48 hours immediately after the operation and that was certainly the case, but it seems to be settling down a little now.

Next up is an operation on his knee on Wednesday which they are planning on doing via an arthroscopy; so that should be a lot shorter and hopefully, less painful after the event. The surgeon mentioned that, if he feels up to it, they will probably try to get him upright a couple of days after the operation. We still need to find out how long he is likely to be in hospital for.
Comment by Matt Brennan on May 1, 2012 at 0:40

Hope the recovery is quick.

What actually happened?

Did the car pull in front of him , or did he just not see it?

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