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  • Ghost Bikes of South Australia

    Hi all,I am trying to set up an initiative under to raise awareness for cyclists killed on South Australian roads. I have created a Facebook page to this end.Ghost bikes are white-painted bikes placed where a cyclist has passed to raise awareness and to honour the fallen.If you could…

    By Ryan

  • cyclist dead in road crash 13-Nov-2019

    Heard on the news that a ‘professional cyclist’ died today.No name released but might be a very keen cyclist known to some AC members.Sad news whenever a cyclist is killed in a road crash.Update: Highway open following fatal crash at KingsfordPosted by SAPOL on 13-Nov-2019 2.37pm…

    By heather

  • The Bike Party_3rd November_9am_Adelaide City

    Downloaded this brochure from the Treadly Bike shop website link for anyone interested.

    By Trevor Hill

  • Give Away - Ebike Battery

    I have a 36V 17.5Ah battery to give away. The charging port has been damaged but the cells are still good. I haven't opened it up but it was advertised as using Samsung cells.I bought the battery from an Australian online supplier. On the third recharge, when I went to remove the charger, it…

    By Mark

  • ride

    hi guys I've  ridden with you once before a couple of years ago ,I'm not a member of gawler wheelers but I'm interested in coming out for another ride this weekend ,whats on offer and what time and place do you meet at ?i don't want to gate crashregards Bill Louca

    By Bill Louca

  • Separated bike lane on Railway Terrace in Edwardstown

    Just rode the newly installed stretch and really am wondering what they were thinking when they designed this.The entry and exit end bits are hard to see and very very narrow, with a fat concrete separator in the middle between them, but also forcing a weird angle of entry.This is potentially…

    By Pascalo

  • Durianrider Team Vegan_Snake attack creates a stir on Strava

    This Strava segment uploaded on the 24th October by Harley (durianrider) has certainly caused a stir on Strava. Fake news or real, it certainly has sparked a lot of comments to his post.…

    By Trevor Hill

  • Super Sunday Bike Count_Sunday 10th November 2019

    I received a phone call from Sam Kemp from the Bicycle Network asking if I could see if anyone was interested in helping with the bike count this year. There are 8 places in the Mitcham Council area that still need to be filled.Its great little earner for a charity of your choice ($140 for 4 hours)…

    By Trevor Hill

  • SA Police - Lost & Recovered Goods - Power Tools, Hand Tools, IT Equipment, Bikes and More

    Spotted some bikes up for auction at Its online bidding so you'll have to register. Appears to finish Thursday 24th October at 7.30.…

    By Trevor Hill

  • GIVE WAY to Buses? question

    Does anyone else have a problem with buses pulling out in front of them?When I'm driving and I see a bus with its indicator on I ease off the car a let the bus in and when riding if the indicators on I wait on the left of the bus.My problem is when there's no indicator, I head around the bus (on…

    By Equal2lance