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  • Bike trainers

    Hey everyone due to my careers I have just came home from interstate during this covid-19, now I’m required to do 14 day isolation at home and I’m hanging out to get back on my bike......Does anyone have a bike trainer or rollers I can buy?

    By Zachary Emerson

  • Failure!

    About three weeks ago, I was coming home from Glenelg on my Ebike when the frame broke. dropping me onto the ground.  fortunately, only doing about 10km/hr, so no real injuries.  (A bit of skin off where my left elbow hit the ground through my shirt, and a wound inflicted on my right hand, through…

    By David Southern

  • Likely closure of Adelaide Cyclists site

    Hello followers of AC,Sad news for the few of us who still enjoy using AC for local riding issues - see below.  BISA took over the management and financial responsibilities when Gus retired from his creation in 2016."The fees to host Adelaide Cyclists have increased significantly, and the site…

    By BJ

  • MTBikeway Bike symbols painted over

    Does anyone know the the Bike symbols on the Mike Turter bikeway have been painted overr (blacked out) on the entire section pass the Horse Racing Track.

    By Equal2lance


    INFRASTRUCTURE PORT ADELAIDEThis bit of infrastructure has left me speechless, but I'll try.It is a new, partly built pedestrian crossing on St Vincent Street , Port Adelaide . I saw an article a few days ago on Facebook, and yesterday I was riding at The Port so had to check it out.(in my opinion)…

    By pete davis

  • which camera?

    My utility cycling involves lots of stops with short rides in between. Seems like a pain removing front and rear cameras. So I waited for a helmet with built-in cameras. In Dec-2019 I considered a CycleVision Edge Twin Camera but not excited. Guess there is no ‘perfect solution’. Then in Jan-2020…

    By heather

  • Gotta get the camera out again

    I haven't bothered using my camera for months now, because it is such a faff keeping it charged and removing it every time I lock the bike up, which is a lot. Also, I've been disappointed by the disinterest from SAPOL when trying to report close passes.Anyway a fool passed me so closely on Military…

    By Simpson

  • serious cyclist crash near Strathalbyn 25-Feb-2020

    Serious cyclist crash near StrathalbynPosted by SAPOL on and…

    By heather

  • local cycling forums?

    Can you provide links to other cycling forums in Adelaide?About 2009 Adelaide Cyclists forum was started by Gus, who managed the site exceptionally well until Oct-2016. Gus announced he was stepping back, and a few weeks later BISA (Bicycle Institute SA) saved our forum. In the meantime, some AC…

    By heather

  • Crashed on Marion Road

    So this Sunday I ended up with a broken neck after having to perform an Emergency stop on Marion Road traveling north bound next to 99 bikes, Harvey Norman etc.I was on my way home via the Pat Jonker Bikeway and planning to get onto the Marino Rocks Bikeway that travels parallel to the Seaford line…

    By Pascalo