Im about to get a 510

How does it upload to strava etc?

I like the instant upload feature

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go into strava on your pc... in the upload section, there is a part where you can give it your garmin connect login details... put in those details....done...

now when ever you load anything to your garmin connect account it will then auto upload to strava.
may take a few mins for strava to update but.. its all automatic.

I also use wahoo app for running... so i share from my wahoo app to garmin connect.. with in turn auto uploads to strava...

Will also connect to MyFittnesPal accounts too :-)

garmin 510 firmware (3.4.0 released) been a bit buggy lately for the bluetooth synch via phone and also some data fields not displaying on garmin unit properly whilst on a ride ( HR...CAD ...etc), still recorded them just not displaying properly

I have been using the BETA firmware 3.4.3 from their garmin forums, 3.4.3 has worked well for me. But you need to manually load it, beta not supported via "garmin express" updater program

You need to have Garmin connect on your phone with Bluetooth enabled so that the 510 can use that connection, through your phone, to upload to Garmin Connect. You can then have Garmin connect auto-sync with Strava. Live tracking is also performed by Garmin Connect on your phone while reading data from the 510!  Some little bits to setup at first but once its done its transparent ;-)

ah but if worrst comes to worst I can always do it with the usb cord

Things just got harder..  no more Garmin connect plugin for browsers!


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