Hi Strava users, I have just put up a video on how to merge or combine  two or more "broken" rides together if you loose satellite reception, or your device battery goes flat, or you accidentally switch you device off half way through a ride and then you start it recording again.


This can be done whether you are using a Gamin device (Garmin Connect) or recording your ride on a smartphone with Strava , Endomondo, Ride with GPS  and I suppose any other app that records in .GPX files .

I am no computer guru and I am happy to take your comments , helpful or otherwise.   

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Handy to know, cheers.

I find Strava's normal "help" files... to be a bit like microsoft "help".

They give an answer... but it is either no-help at all...or it is...'we are looking at this as a future feature".


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