Rapha Rising: La Centième, anyone planning pull it off in Adelaide?

OK I know in theory all I have to do is thirty-two and half repeats of Willunga in the week to pull off the 7235m of elevation gain, but that might get a tad repetitive. Anyone got a better strategy to pull it off while remaining sane?

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I will most likely give this one a crack Bert, cant know for sure until closer to the date as these kind of challenges require an understanding partner!

7,000m is tough but very achievable if you break it down and get a solid start on the sunday. My plan would be something like the following:

sunday 2000 - 3000 m

monday to friday 2000m

Saturday 2000 - 3000m

Sunday: 1000m if required.

I will probably focus on the longer steady climbs ie freeway, greenhill to build up the vertical rather than the short steep ones. I find I recover better and I can do longer rides this way. I aim to keep it light during the working week and any extra is a bonus. The psychological key for me is that first Sundays effort to get ahead.

As a bonus if you use strava elevation correction you can probably get a bonus free few thousand metres!

How are people tracking on this one?

I see Rob banked a massive weekend ride, which makes it look like a done deal!

I'm at 53%, so planning a detour on the way home tonight and an extended commute on Friday - that should leave the weekend for a quick blast up to Lofty.

I'm already hitting the panic buttons. Had to work straight after racing on Sunday so only got to get in around 1000m. And yesterday, on my normal day off, the kids were threatening mutiny if I didn't hang-out with them and my legs were still destroyed from Sunday's SDVLCC 'fun' so repeats were out of the equation. I'm pretty much banking on a big Thursday (taking the day off to celebrate getting older), but the 55kph wind forecast is going to put the "Rapha" into the challenge.

I really need to get to 5000m before the weekend so there's going to be some lonely dark kms coming up.

do this twice then all sorted :P


..but that means going near traffic lights. I went through the one in Moanna recently, that was enough. I think the seven years of messenger work in my past has left me totally allergic to traffic. I whinge about going through Willunga on a Saturday,

This is my Saturday morning plan. http://ridewithgps.com/routes/2876592 Anyone's welcome to join in, 8am from the shop.


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