I just joined the AC Strava group but I'm a bit worried that I'll be spamming the page with my twice daily commutes. Is anyone opposed to that or does it not really matter? I just wanted to see how I was doing Vuelta Skelta wise against compared to the rest of you guys.

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I wouldn't worry too much about it Ruddager.

A lot of the time for my commute I will simply pause the garmin when I arrive at work and restart on the way home so its only one "spam" ride as such. I then wont upload them until I do a "real" ride, hence they might 2 or 3 days old by the time they are uploaded and wont appear in recent activity.

This is my normal spam avoidance technique - however because of changes in atmospheric pressure during the day/night - it can sometimes make my Glenelg-city commute look like Alp D'Huez. 

You can also make a ride private if you want and no one else can see it.

I think that if you tick the "commute" box when you upload the ride it doesn't show up on other people's activity feeds.

I wouldn't worry about it spamming the group page - I doubt most people visit that page very frequently (or perhaps that's a bad assumption: do people visit that page often?)

Commuting is riding. I think it's important non-commuters get regular reminders how many kms (and KoMs) they're missing out on.

I only commute by bike occasionally (my wife works nearby so we usually share a car as she does not ride), but I find it fascinating that I am at least as likely to receive Strava PBs on the days I think I am taking it easy, not the days I really put an effort into it.

Maybe they're only wind-affected, but it's nice to think it's because I'm gradually improving :-)

private rides still count on your tally. You just dont get a public KOM on a private ride. If you did get a KOM and want to have it seen - just uncheck the private box ...

After a couple of years you wont bother to post commutes (unless you have no RL) FYI, you can just do a manual entry too say 20 rides at 20km = 400km so once a month add 400km of commutes manually mark the date the week before and it wont show on the current dashboard


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