List details of stolen bicycles. Also check details if suspicious about a bicycle.

Please include details below, based on SAPOL's The Bicycle Passport at

Link: (to your post on AC hub)

Make / model:


Type (men’s / ladies / racing / mountain / bmx):

Frame / serial number:

Frame size:

Wheel size:

Tyres (make / colour):

Gears (make / type / number):

Handlebar type (standard / straight / racing / mountain):

Pedal type (rubber / metal / reflector):

Saddle (colour / plastic / leather):


Identifying marks (stickers / badges / damage / repairs):

Security mark (type & position):

Date stolen:



Extra Info:


Report locally your stolen bike, as well as on other specific websites to spread the word, especially if your unique high-end bike is moved interstate.
Three suggested websites:
1. The Australian Bike Vault – Stolen Bicycles Australia website is operated by Stolen Bicycles Australia Ltd (SBA). SBA is a non-profit organisation, founded in late 2015 by avid bike riders and former police.
2. Bicycles Network Australia. Three ‘housekeeping’ threads, followed by most recent listing.
3. National Bike Register. The National Bike Register was initiated by Police and developed by Crime Stoppers, DataDot Technology and cycling sponsor Subaru, to combat bike theft in Australia.

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Bike: new MTB 2012 Orbea Sate Anthracite 16
Colour: dark grey with green stickers on the side
Picture: provided
Type: Mountain Bike
Wheel Size: 26" Disc
Tyre: Kenda MTB 26*1.96 Black.
Gears: 8 speed at the back & 3 speed at the front
Handle Bars: mountain raised
Pedal Type: black plastic with metal and reflector at the side
Saddle: Black plastic with white writings at the rear end side. foam cushioned got a leathery feel to it.
Accessories: Black bottle cage. Topeak super tourist bike rack, small black from 3 led USB rechargeable light. 5 led red back light. A small black bell mounted on the right hand side of the handle bar. A kick stand mounted on the left hand side of the bike.
Identifying marks: There is a small cut at the right handle bar. There are three cables mounted on the top of the frame going to the back of the bike, the left cable is always loose and won't stay in the mounting place. Megabike sticker at the bottom frame near the pedal

Date Stolen: Saturday 9-Feb-2013, between noon and 2pm
Location: Gawler Place / Rundle Mall bike rack, Adelaide
How: cut cable combi lock
Extra Info: Reported to police who showed CCTV footage of tall skinny guy with wavy hair. Had supermarket shopping bag, a blue backpack and red helmet. He put down the shopping bag next to my bike and cut the cable with wire cutter.

1. new MTB 2012 Orbea Sate Anthracite 16

Bike: new Fluid 26” MTB, 24 speed, disk brakes
Colour: brown and black
Picture: provided
Date stolen: Tuesday 12-Feb-2013
Location: Winifred Street, South Terrace, Adelaide
How: cut lock

Bike: Scott S30
Colour: blue and black with large white decal Scott
Picture: provided
Type: road
Wheel Size:
Handle Bars: white drop handlebars
Pedal Type:
Saddle: white
Identifying Marks: The frame has several scratches in the paint most notably around the top of the forks and on the rear triangle.

Date Stolen: Wednesday 20-Feb-2013, between 12.45pm and 1pm
Location: Currie Street, front of Adelaide College of the Arts, Adelaide
How: cut chain lock
Extra Info: The whole thing was caught on CCTV. The man walked up to my bike, bent over to cut the lock, put his helmet on and rode off.

so..where are the pictures of these bikes??



At the links. Perhaps in future I will need to copy pictures (if possible) and include here.

Street Watch - bicycles stolen
Published in the City North Messenger of Wednesday 13-Mar-2013 on page 6.

Adelaide. Two men stole two bicycles from Adelaide University on Tuesday 26-Feb-2013. They used bolt cutters to cut chains and took the bikes from racks outside the engineering and maths building, about 10.55am. The men were captured by security cameras as several people walked within metres of them, unaware of what they were doing.
They were both wearing shorts, striped T-shirts, hats and sunglasses.

St Peters. A bike worth $1200 was stolen on Tuesday 5-Mar-2013 between midnight and 7am.
The black-with-yellow-trim-and-tyres Avanti bicycles was left unsecured near a carpark on Tenth Avenue.


Make / model: Merida Kalahari MTB, disc brakes
Colour: read and silver
Type: mountain
Handlebar type: black, flat
Saddle: black
Accessories: rear mudguard

Date Stolen: 18-Jan-2013 to 19-Jan-2013 overnight
Location: Royal Adelaide Hospital, Adelaide

Picture: provided

Make / model: Specialized
Colour: white
Type: racing
Handlebar type: racing, white handlebars with black hoods
Saddle: white

Date Stolen: by 6-Feb-2013

Picture: provided

Make / model: Women's Specialized Ariel Comp Disc. JT Cycles who sold it said not many in SA.
Colour: white, with black and red detailing
Type: women's
Frame size: medium
Handlebar type: black, straight
Saddle: black
Accessories: black bicycle helmet with yellow Specialized logo

Date Stolen: Sunday 10-Feb-2013 between 8am and 6pm
Location: Entertainment Centre tram stop, Port Road, Hindmarsh

Picture: provided


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