For those that are interested in racing on the track, PACC are holding their Winter Track season at the Superdrome on the 4th Wednesday of each month, April through to September.  This Wednesday (April 24th) is the first of the season and kicks off with a mini-Omnium.  Official info (including registration) is on the PACC Forum.  I believe you require a CA racing licence to race.  Alternatively, why not come assist the organisers or support the riders!

This will be my first night of track racing - nervous but really looking forward to it.

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Nice one ! Shame I am still overseas.

Just out of interest, what track bike have you got?

I have an EMC2 tkr I picked up second hand.  It's aluminium with carbon fork, seat tube and cranks.  I think it's a good starter bike, something I can build on.

Winter Track Night #4 sees Keirin racing at the Superdrome.   Details here.

If you're interested in getting involved but don't want to ride, Lee-Anne is always looking for volunteers.  These nights can't happen without volunteers, so get in touch with Lee-Anne if you can help!

Due to a recent training mishap I unfortunately won't be racing this week and will be lucky to race the following one.  Good luck everyone!

Reminder: track racing this Thursday.  If you can volunteer please get in contact with Lee-Anne ASAP.


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