Week 2 of the summer track racing series at Edwardstown run by South Coast Cycling Club. It was my first night of racing for me this season. Heaps of juniors, big C grade bunch and perfect weather. My daughter raced with the young kids and had a great time. Four tough races - two 3 lap scratch races, an italian teams pursuit and a one lap handicap. Either I am getting older or C grade is getting harder - the pace in each race was on from the start and a couple of guys can really fly. A total blast though!

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An almost perfect night or racing at the track tonight. Cool, but not cold and almost no wind!! Lots of variety in the racing tonight across all the grades - scratch races, handicaps, italian pursuit, elimination, flying 200's and match sprints. I'm no sprinter so really enjoyed my first elimination race where tactics and some endurance comes into play. Italian pursuits are fun too, especially if you ride near the back of the team so get to really wind up the speed by the last few laps.

Next week is the Xmas on Wheels so lots of fun, bikes dressed up with tinsel, racing in the opposite direction (much harder than it sounds), Monte Carlo starts!


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