Week 2 of the summer track racing series at Edwardstown run by South Coast Cycling Club. It was my first night of racing for me this season. Heaps of juniors, big C grade bunch and perfect weather. My daughter raced with the young kids and had a great time. Four tough races - two 3 lap scratch races, an italian teams pursuit and a one lap handicap. Either I am getting older or C grade is getting harder - the pace in each race was on from the start and a couple of guys can really fly. A total blast though!

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Was a fab night I was on the BBQ (not cooking thankfully) 

My kids were in the little races too so your daughter must be Gemma?

HI Michelle

I wondered whether it was you and Phil...sorry I should have come up and said hi. My daughter wasn't racing with the little trackers, but the bottom level of juniors.



Ah no I get it... you know lots of names and see lits of faces but you never but a name to face lol

See you next week :-)

Another nice night at Edwardstown, a little chilly though in the wind. C grade raced 3 races, two scratch races and a motorpaced (behind a moped). All in all it was a disappointing night in terms of results - my legs just didnt have anything in them and I struggled to stay with the bunch in every race and got comprehensively dropped on the last lap of every race. My best lap time was around 4 seconds slower than my fastest ever. Dunno what was wrong, but it certainly takes the shine off things when the whole bunch comes past on the final corner. Two of my kids raced in the little trackers and had a ball (along with all the time they spent running around on the oval with the other little kids, and eating sausages in bread).

Good to see Pat O'Kane and finally meet Michelle Crick, Phil appeared to be busy keeping an eye on the mini-Cricks who also put in a good show in the little trackers.

The guy who won most of the A-grade races was absolutely flying - something to aspire to! Just incredible to watch a good track rider hunched down over the bike, legs pumping and winding it up to 60+ km/h, especially into a headwind.

It was good and I do love the relaxed atmosphere of the track there. Could of been a bit warmer mind. Despite Nathan tacking a tumble he got back on for his second race and was not as fast but still he did not give up. He loves his new 20in fixed gear track bike :-)
Yes  don't think I have a job next week so will be able to catch up with a few more people :-)

Top night at Edwardstown tonight...sunny, warm and almsot no wind. My legs felt good and despite being under-geared I think I pulled off a few 4th/5th's and our "team" won the italian pursuit.

I had a good time tonight too. Won both D-grade scratch races, last in the handicap, and my team won the Italian sprint. Dahondude, were you in the A/B pursuit, or the same team as me? I was wearing the fluoro top.
Think I'll be in C-grade next week. I was hoping to learn more about tactics in the D's first, especially in motto pace.


Good work Richard! I was riding C grade and I think I was on the same italian pursuit team as you. C grade is a bit more scary than last season as there are so many riders and quite a few juniors who are pretty "eager". I am thinking about asking to go up to B grade, if only cos the bunch is smaller.

Yeah those moto paced races are tricky...you need to either be lucky and end up on the moto's back wheel with one lap to go or do a lot of wheel snatching. TBH I am just happy to finish those races in one piece!

Another slightly frustrating night on the track tonight...bad positioning, boxed in a few times, I'm learning that its not always about speed but putting yourself in a good position when it counts.

Pizza and beer in the club rooms afterwards went some way to lifting my mood :-)

Gemma did a great job on as commentator and congrats to Catherine for winning the CA Volunteer of the Year award.

Phil Crick sounds like the track racing bug is nibbling at his toes..

When is this wind going to give us a break and nick off? Another tough night of track racing with a block head wind in the finish straight. I was pretty happy with my results, especially getting 2nd in the last race, an 8 lap scratch race. Phil Crick made his debut and looked to be riding very strongly so I guess we'll be clashing wheels in C grade before too long. I bought a new bike for my youngest daughter last weekend (thanks to Lee-Anne and Michelle from Ride-a-Bike-right for putting us onto these lightweight kids bikes) and she pulled of some narrow wins in the Little Trackers. My other daughter scraped a win in the junior handicap so it was smiles all round. I really look forward to Friday nights!

Yep, the wind is a pain but at least you get a tailwind down the other side. I'm not sure they'll let me race D grade again, but then it was mostly about learning rather than whether I could win or not. We've put the garmin on Nathan's bike for the last couple of Fridays, we were curious to see how fast he was going. Last week he topped out at 28.6kmh and this week he was up to 32.8kmh. I wish I could gain a 4kmh speed increase in a week!

 I'm not sure they'll let me race D grade again

given you didn't seem to be raising a sweat riding off the front, i suspect not ;) 


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