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Final places for the 2013 Fantasy Tour

Team Robster Chris Dobbs 6561
team slow poke Shav 5468
Faema Freds Daniel 5451
Sur la plaque Matt Sandercock 5353
LRRC Alex 5285
Special K`s fruits and nuts Gus K 5149
BigRings Justin V 5117
Les Grimpeurs Scott Hazeldine 5064
Bar Smash Wannabees Tim B 5013
Pinkchook Travis Tausend 4932
Je pense que mes freins sont frottent! easytiger 4871
Ride faster damnit Nick Lothian 4773
Yello Velo Ben Watson 4676
csc Craig l 4658
GW Cycling Andrew Fugiel 4651
Needles Gus Boz 4644
Secret Training Stars Stephen 4627
Teeth Missing and Totally Schlecked Andrew Watts 4600
Robby`s Recidiviists RobBy 4586
caffeinati snappydon 4502
quelle montagne Tim Bourner 4486
No X in Espresso Bert 4476
CSC Sue G 4448
Equipo X Jon 4339
the suitcase of courage Random Monkey 4197
Scrubbers Jesmol 4184
V`s Bag of Tricks V 4114
The Giants Tomadelaide 4050
rolling canuck maya brookes 3972
The Armchair Riders Dave Arnold 3809
Velotek Glenn 3778
Tea for two Tiny Avenger 3510
The Peptides Trent Burrows 3420
Team Awesome CLP 3411
Trappys Crazy Pants Team Trappy 2195

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Replies to This Discussion

Personally I'd like to thank Pinot, Voeckler for such a stellar ride, not a single point between them , at least they turned up, which is more than can be said for Sorensen.......

I hate the fact that at some point in time Quintana and Rui Costa were both a core part to the Scrubbers, yet swapped out due to whim of the DS.

10 points for sarcasm. Love it. 

I got burnt from Pinot as well. Thought he was gonna give it a good crack but I think for the whole tour he sat on someones wheel at the back in hiding. 

Im kicking myself for not picking Bollema originally. Just thought Pinot would be fighting hard for the white jersey again.....wrong.

Apart from Froome being the hands down favorite for yellow, and Sagan for Green, it was was gonna boil down to the rest to make up the rest of the points.

I think the trick is to pick a few solid riders that will guarantee you some points then look out for some wild cards that might be let off the leash by their DSs to take a stage win. Quintana was probably the winning card this year. My friend told me to get him,... but I forgot his name and picked Costa instead.

Costa was a wild card based on his win on the Tour De Suisse. If it weren't for Valverde being left behind on that windy stage and losing 10mins of the GC, Quintana would have maybe gone for a stage win or 2 but not for overall honors. From what I read Quintana was there to help Valverde in the mountain climbs and gain valuable experience in the mean time.

Alot of tipping has to do with wise choices and luck predominantly. A big accident can end a favorites race too easily, or an injury that wont allow them to pursue their very best.  

I'm just surprised Costa netted so few points. Riders like Fulgsang and Mollema netted more points than he did despite his much better stage and team results. Looks like top ten GC finishers are a better bet than multiple stage winners. Pity my GC random was Peraud and his expletive deleted collarbone, and my GC 'safe bet' failed to recover from riding around beautiful sunny Italy in May.

Bit shocked that even though I managed to get the White, the Dots and the Green jerseys I still finished in the bottom half of the mini-league.


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