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Final places for the 2013 Fantasy Tour

Team Robster Chris Dobbs 6561
team slow poke Shav 5468
Faema Freds Daniel 5451
Sur la plaque Matt Sandercock 5353
LRRC Alex 5285
Special K`s fruits and nuts Gus K 5149
BigRings Justin V 5117
Les Grimpeurs Scott Hazeldine 5064
Bar Smash Wannabees Tim B 5013
Pinkchook Travis Tausend 4932
Je pense que mes freins sont frottent! easytiger 4871
Ride faster damnit Nick Lothian 4773
Yello Velo Ben Watson 4676
csc Craig l 4658
GW Cycling Andrew Fugiel 4651
Needles Gus Boz 4644
Secret Training Stars Stephen 4627
Teeth Missing and Totally Schlecked Andrew Watts 4600
Robby`s Recidiviists RobBy 4586
caffeinati snappydon 4502
quelle montagne Tim Bourner 4486
No X in Espresso Bert 4476
CSC Sue G 4448
Equipo X Jon 4339
the suitcase of courage Random Monkey 4197
Scrubbers Jesmol 4184
V`s Bag of Tricks V 4114
The Giants Tomadelaide 4050
rolling canuck maya brookes 3972
The Armchair Riders Dave Arnold 3809
Velotek Glenn 3778
Tea for two Tiny Avenger 3510
The Peptides Trent Burrows 3420
Team Awesome CLP 3411
Trappys Crazy Pants Team Trappy 2195

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Replies to This Discussion

I'm not sure if I should attempt to study rider form and make an informed team selection, or close my eyes and do a last minute pick like I did with the Giro.....

Looks like you cant have the favorite 4. Froome, Porte, Cav and Sagan. Dammit

Hmmmm, the Sprinters a bit difficult to pick, Cav, Sagan and Greipel haven't really had any head to head battles this year, which to choose.......

Going by the Giro results, Cav is usually a sure bet. But Sagan isn't/wasn't too bad in the Tour de suisse.

Yep Cav was great in the Giro, but who was his competition ? Sagan was good in Tour of Calif as well. Will Largely depend on the lead out train... The other consideration is Sagan is a little more versatile than Cav. Greipel is the smokng gun.

agree, if the lead out train for Cav is there, it will difficult for anyone to beat Cav. Sagan is a ninja and will suck anyones wheel to get in the right position and I find he doesn't need a lead out as much as Cav. Griepel will be there for sure, but I dont think he has the same stamina to hold onto speed as well as Cav. It will be a tough choice. 

Remember not all the "sprint" stages are free from medium mountains and hills near the finish. Cav can only win sprints he contests and two fifth places score better than a single stage win.

True bert. This where sagan will have advantage plus anyone with an uphill sprinting advantage.

Tough call as always. I always want to get a domestique who goes out to be a wildcard stage winner. I've got my team in, but will do some research to lock them in finally.

Well at this stage I've got even less reason than normal to watch flat stages... but so be it. Bring on the big hills and may a certain English juggernaut of a team not have the success everyone's expecting from them. I should probably base my decisions on who I think will win not who I want to win.

This is where choosing with your head and not your heart is the key.

But that would be boring.


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