This was the 2012 comp. Join the 2013 one...

Here we go again, pick your team and hope for the best!
Remember there are no changes allowed after the start of the tour so pick somebody a team who is going to be around for the duration.
Please make sure you check the finalized riders prior to the start as a late withdrawal prior to the start could be costly.
Good luck.

Final Standings

Rank Team Directeur Score
1 osmosis12 Chris Cuthbert 8406
2 Caffeinati Snappy Don 8244
3 spinifex maya 7961
4 Hillys Hubbards Michael Hill 7329
5 Omega-Pharma CHRIS Step Chris 6785
6 Sur la plaque Matt Sandercock 6611
7 Matts Rouleurs MattK 6505
8 The Team of Broken Saddles Virginia 6446
9 YoungSAM racing Sam Young 6372
10 FOCUSonthis Shav 6132
11 VeloBabes DownUnderChick 6009
12 Hill-Billies Brett 6003
13 What Mountain? Tim Bourner 5809
14 All The Way To Paris Brendan Clover 5388
15 Mysterio Mysterio 5372
16 Cadence Is The Key Stephen 5338
17 Sbazz`s Strugglers Sbazz 5245
18 The Armchair Riders David Arnold 4996
19 what a croque team monsieur! easytiger 4918
20 Gironimo Simon Habel 4908
21 Special K`s Fruit & Nuts Gusk 4581
22 Happy Clappers Andrew Watts 4551
23 Kylie`s Krushers Kylie Smith 4446
24 Gros Doigts Tiny Avenger 4383
25 Justin V Big Rings 4356
26 MiniRouleur Matt 4200
27 Team Awesome CLP 4014
28 Trent`s TEC`s Trent 3403
29 LMA-PIKES Wines mreidy70 3378
30 Caffeine Pro Cycling Torsten 3331
31 trappy`s Mad Wheels Tracey Pearce 3136
32 Vino`s Last Stand Jacob Speed 2541

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Ive done my picks. Chose a slightly different selection compared to the SBS choices. 

I'm in.

Deliberated, cogitated, pontificated, masticated, and still have no idea!

ps. nice one Big Rings!!

Sacre bleu. Here we go again. In order to do worse than last year I would have to select the entire Francaise des Jeux squad. In fact, FDJ may have been fitting since this is the biggest lottery of all!

I may have to bribe the commissionaire to at least let me beat Easytiger...

That's why I like it. You don't have to know anything to win. Quite a few of my picks come courtesy of what I like to call "touch screen non-specificity" or in other words fat fingers hence my team name. Let's hope George can get the results updated a bit more quickly than he managed for the giro fantasy league otherwise it takes some of the fun out of it...

Done.. I think I might tweak it before lockdown. Have fun everyone! So Justin, I'll make you a group admin so you can post the daily updates!

Velogames TdF 2012 winner gets a t-shirt or maybe something esle in line with the same offer I've made to the Fantasy Mini-League players.

I cant believe how bad I am as a Directeur. There are more members of my team that havnt scored a single point than those who have. Time to get the whip out!

You and me both. I can't believe how strong Peter sagon is at the moment. a future tour winner in years to come.
For gods sake you bastards, ride faster!!!!!!!!!!!

Alright- happy enough with the racing so far (except for Cav getting skittled last night) although I'll be looking over my shoulder when the climber-heavy teams get warmed up next week.  Thanks for the updates etc Justin.

Wiggins is the man to beat. cadel has his work cut out for him.

Ryder & Sammy both out in the space of one week!!!! At this rate by the time we get to Paris I might only have 3 riders left.


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