And don't give me nice words like ''very'' good.. Put a number on it-

How many victories will Sagan get this year?

and a supplementary question:

How many for Cav?

Sagan is already on 3 victories, and has all 4 of Cannondale's podium spots for the year. Cav has 6 wins already, and should have a monster year with the power of OPQ behind him (or in front of him as the case may be)

I'll use Cycling Quotient  as the arbiter of bragging rights at the end of the season..

Get your entry in by the end of March and in the case of a tie - the closest to the combined score - the tiebreakers are A) the entry with a perfect score for one rider, or then B) the earliest of the tied entries.

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Sagan, again.

yah, predictably enough (although in fairness- he did have to beat PhilGil). And the scary thing is he probably treated that as a mid-week spin to get the legs warmed up for Amstel!

At the end of the Tour of California the score is Cav: 12, Sagan: 10. Greipel is on 7 (Cycling Quotient has him at 6, but he won overnight). 

If I was writing the rules again I'd say wins in the second or third week of a GT should be worth 2 points ;-))

Season over.. anyone still awake? For the record:

Sagan-22 defeated Cav-19

Perhaps the surprises came a bit further down the list. Kittel got the better of Greipel, 16 victories to 13. And Froome, outstanding for a non-sprinter also had 13 wins for the year.

After his injury struck 2013, maybe next season's poll should be: How many wins will Goss get?


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