I saw this pic of Schleck-A on Cycling Tips this morning. It caught my breath. I know that pro cyclists have to be lean, and any extra grams of fat are grams that have to lugged over a mountain, but this was still a shock. He looks like a stick insect. Check the upper arms. Sure the upper body doesn't get much attention in bike-fitness, but if I saw those arms on a person in the street I'd have labeled them - 'eating disorder' - in a flash.

Schleck A is suffering at the moment, and we all know the debates about his health/form/head-space but ya gotta wonder how hard it is to get the weight/ strength/ good health balance just right!

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At 6'1 and weighing in at under 70kg, its not really all that surprising that he looks a bit skinny. From the perspective of guys like the Schlecks and Contador, who base a lot of their talent on climbing, weight is a very important issue.

From memory, these guys are looking to create a power to weight ratio of something ridiculous like 6 or 7 watts/kg. And remember, they get paid a hell of a lot of money to achieve this. So minimal excess weight is of critical importance. But as you say, it must be damn hard getting the balance spot on.

I personally am more worried about the "monkey on his back" underneath his jersey!

BREAKING NEWS - he apparently fractured his pelvis in his stack at the Dauphine, and won't be riding Le Tour!!!!

How about Sean Yates in the last edition of Ride Cycling review...skinny as all buggery and he doesnt even ride professionally any more. He made be look like a heffalump!

Schleck-A must be permanently starving...


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