Enter your fantasy cycling team in the Adelaide Cyclists league at Velogames.com.Log in, choose a team name and pick your 9 riders for the race. Then go to your team roster and click on the join league button at the bottom. The Adelaide Cyclists league is code 01043718

Use your extensive pro cycling knowledge, or sheer blind luck, to impress everyone and win the Fantasy Giro!


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Oh man, this stresses me out. It's why I don't do footy tipping.

Special K's Fruits and Nuts rides again.

Chill Gus

Pick up a few Peroni on the way home tonight. Your confidence in your selections will rise with each sip. Set and forget.. My team usually rounds out the grupetto, but I hold out for a miracle until the last couple of stages.

I wonder if any Riccardo Ricco "supplements" will help me get on the podium?

Big Rings ride again.

Who's the best value?? ie 12 points or less??

Team entered. The usual deep research and tossing of a beer bottle cap to decide. Much like Bjarne Riis' technique... except I can't scream at them or give them Edgar Allen Poe.

Ok, I'm in...

count me in

ok - I'm in. here goes blind luck!!

Really struggling in the tips now. Hoping quintana makes a move soon. 

Oh wow. I'm last!

We all know the McDonald and Heard Islands are a tax dodge haven ET.

Don't fret Gus- I'm on my way back to the grupetto.. we'll roll in with the lantern rouge together..

Im not progressing either Gus. Luck of the draw really. I'll be happy to try and stay in the top 10 at this point. I'll have to do more research for the TdF tips


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