Fantasy Tour de France league open - winner gets $100 voucher.


The 2014 Velogames Tour de France fantasy competition is now live for your entries. For many years now we've had fantasy comps for Adelaide Cyclists pro-cycling enthusiasts to create a 'dream team' and take on each other for the virtual maillot jaune.

This year there are some great prizes on offer.

The winner of the Adelaide Cyclists league will win a $100 voucher from Chain Reaction Cycles.

...with prizes for second and third to be confirmed.

How: Create an account, or log-in, to

Create a team using riders under 100 points (each rider has a value). You can change riders up to about 12 hours before the start. Once the race starts your team cannot be changed. If riders abandon you cannot replace. It's a real scenario, unlike other fantasy comps where you can switch riders during the race. So all you need to do is choose now and sit back and watch your progress. Don't forget that early success doesn't equal taking home the tour, nor does picking the eventual winner in your team.

Name it and save then you are invited to join a League.

League Name: Adelaide Cyclists

League Code: 27044605

Copy this league code number and paste it to join. The confirm link isn't obvious. Click the words 'confirm' and you're in.

Leave a comment here with your team name and I'll try and keep it up to date with daily status updates.

Good luck!


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Well half my team has abandoned the race now. my velogames campaign is now just about not coming last.


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