Welcome to Velogames' Fantasy Giro d'Italia 2013!

Is everyone going to gang up on Wiggo, and smash him into oblivion, or is his "marginal gains" (read AICAR) going to lose him so much weight he will literally be blown up the hill without pedalling?

Can Hesjedal repeat, will Cadel make up for 2002, will Scarponi really win (not because of DSQ), was Nibali's move to Astana going to net him the trophy? Or will they all be watching each other, and let Gesink ride off into the distance??

How many stages will Cav win, can Gossie sort his sh!t out, can Degenkolb teach the old dogs some new tricks, will Ferrari wipe everybody out including himself, and some 50kg Colombian climber win the sprint jersey??

The entries are now closed, so sit back and enjoy or curse your skills as Director Sportif!

Better late then never - here is the final podium!

Rank Team Directeur Score
1 YoungSam Racing Sam Young 6779
2 The Giants Tomadelaide 5900
3 GW-Cycling Andrew Fugiel 5849

Congratulations to them, and thanks also to everyone else for playing. The final league table is at the end of this discussion.

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The results after Stage 1 - a classy win by Cavendish, and a classic Euro-bar smash by Viviani. Congrats to Sam - he's coming 35th!!

Here's the top:

Rank Team Directeur Score
1 YoungSam Racing Sam Young 354
2 The Giants Tomadelaide 291
3 Missing Teeth Andrew Watts 257
4 SpecialK`s fruits and nuts Gus K 254
5 wiggosgiro? easytiger 204

... and here's the bottom:

15 Giro D`Tomalia Tom Day 100
16 What Montagna? redsnapper 37
17 The Peptides Trent 6
It seems my tactical move of not picking Cav, may have been a mistake......

You should get some extra points every time someone goes the bar-smash!

Best (double) bar smash of disappointment ever! I wish I picked Wurf now.

A bit of a stuff up by SKY wanting to get Dario Cataldo in the pink, forgetting that Salvatore Puccio finished ahead of him on the first stage. But the first salvo in Wiggos bid for glory.

The results after Stage 2. Here's the top:

Rank Team Directeur Score
1 YoungSam Racing Sam Young 484
2 GW-Cycling Andrew Fugiel 440
3 Missing Teeth Andrew Watts 325
4 The Giants Tomadelaide 304
5 Big Rings Justin V 303

... and here is the bottom of the ladder:

15 What Montagna? redsnapper 171
16 Giro it up Andrew 161
17 The Peptides Trent 42

No firm favourites for the the Maglia Rosa yet, but I must say that Trent is having a red hot poke for the the Maglia Nero!

An interesting start to proceedings this year- 1 sprint, 1 TTT and 1 climbing finish. I think my team will sit back in the pack and wheel suck for another week or two before making a move.

Ive written my tips off this year. 2 of my picks never made the start. It was dumb of me not to have checked this prior to the cut off point. Plus I was silly to not pick the Cav. Time to think about the TDF picks.

A great win on STAGE 3 by 36 year old Giro debutante Luca Paolini wearing his son's BMX helmet. Very classy rides by Cadel and Ryder to finish 2nd & 3rd, and get some time back on Wiggo. I should think within that lead group of 17, will be the contenders for the podium and the top 10? Special mention should go to Robert Gesink for wiping out Scarponi, and then riding away from him.

The gaps at the top of the league table are expanding ever so slightly whilst the GC is contracting. Kudos to Andrew who is 21st overall, thanks largely to his 4-man SKY contingent. 

Rank Team Directeur Score
1 GW-Cycling Andrew Fugiel 788
2 YoungSam Racing Sam Young 685
3 The Giants Tomadelaide 559
4 Team Awesome CLP 531
5 Scrubbers Jesmol 526

... and the competition for the Maglia Nero never disappoints.

17 V`s Mixed Bag V 349
18 Giro D`Tomalia Tom Day 297
19 The Peptides Trent 195

The Maglia Nero will probably be a fight between me and trent this year. Huge Kudos to Andrew for picking the right riders. It's what its all about.

An exciting end to a rain-soaked STAGE 4, with Danilo di Luca staging a late attack, but not being able to hold off a hard charging peloton headed by Enrico Battaglin. Cadel and Hesjedal finishing again in the top 10, and Wiggo is probably starting to think he should have let the Froome-dog come to Italy, as he lost time because the race jury decided he was already behind the front group when he got delayed by a crash in front of him. Not helping his cause was the two Colombians Uran and Henao riding their own race, protecting their future earning potentials at new teams next year.

There is not a lot of movement at the top of the leader board, GW-Cycling is setting a frantic pace at the front, with Tim B finding some special-ness on the road to Serra San Bruno to slip into the top-5!

Rank Team Directeur Score
1 GW-Cycling Andrew Fugiel 1046
2 YoungSam Racing Sam Young 929
3 Scrubbers Jesmol 771
4 Bar Smash Wannabees Tim B 769
5 The Giants Tomadelaide 726

... while at the bottom, Team Slow Poke had a team meeting yesterday and decided to change focus from sprint wins or GC, to do battle with Trent for the Maglia Nero! CAPELLO (Italian for Chapeau) Shav!!

17 Giro D`Tomalia Tom Day 462
18 Team Slow Poke Shav 423
19 The Peptides Trent 318

Woot , I'm happy with the performance of the "Scrubbers" so far :) , considering I really dont have much of a clue.

Who are the two guys doing commentary on the SBS highlights coverage? They are hillarious!


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