As a pom I'm a bit of a Sky fan and the teams recent success is good to see but as a spectacle they are as boring as bat sh!t to watch. Clearly the strongest team in the peloton  and tactically astute riding to their strengths but the Criterium De Dauphine just didn't excite me one bit. The stages I watched were all predictable, being shorter than the TdF stages they should have been compelling viewing with attacks and counter attacks happening all the time.

I'll probably watch the Tour on SBS as a highlight package, at least I'll get to bed early, although watching Sky I'll probably fall asleep anyway.

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Personally id say its the lack of drugs that's reduced the spectacle, Sky's tactics arent exactly entertaining, they just do what's needed to win knowing that no one can attack these days or at least hold an attack for very long.

Love to see see Team Sky do a CX event

On the contrary Patrick, I really enjoyed Crit d Dauph (probably more so as the Stages finished at 10PM Adelaide time).  Although Froome won and SKY did control things There were breakaways which succeeded 2 or 3 times.  Tommy V won a Stage, Rohan Dennis won a Stage, took the Yellow/Bue and won the overall Best Young Rider.  I am definitely NOT a SKY fan and thank the good Lord Buddha that bloody Wiggins isn't riding the TdF as this name is mentioned every 30 seconds by the Eurosport commentators. And anyway  I think there are only 1 or 2 Poms in the SKY Team as it is, most are from outside Blighty (even Froome), the Coaches are all from OZ.  So even tho the Poms claim it as a British team, it is owned by a bloody Yank !

But getting to your original comment.  I think what SKY are doing is just what US Postal started under Armstrong.  The other Teams need to lift their game and start doing the same thing, consistently.  Discipline and Leadership is what it is all about and there appears to be not too much of that evident in other Teams at the moment. But I reckon it will come with time.

We wish but even he 'died' in Froome's wake on the last Stage. Yes I think that Contador will be a lot fitter by the time le Tour arrives . And then he nearly didn't make it after hitting that downed rider and then face planting himself.  Nibali will also stir the pot and I reckon that there will be a few outsiders. too.  The tussle for the Green will also be interesting.  How many more sleeps ??

Of course it's boring, when it works. But you can't really blame Sky for that.

The good thing is that - despite what everyone seems to think - it doesn't always work.

2012 TdF: Worked, boring race

2012 Vuelta de Espana: Didn't work, possibly the best grand tour since the '86 TdF

2013 Giro: Didn't work, decent race

It'll be interesting how it goes in the TdF. With Froome, Porte & Uran they sure have the firepower to make it boring. My hope is Joaquim Rodríguez and Contador race they they usually do: attack at every opportunity. There certainly are the climbs to make it an interesting Tour.

Sure, their controlled tactics can be dull, but they've still got to have the cattle to drive it home. I suspect their star rider's form will drift, or their strong domestiques will get offers to lead other teams, and the dominance will soon shift. Wiggo has had a rough year so far, Dowsett and Rogers have gone.. things will keep changing.

Their tactics really only work in stage races and they didn't get a look in during the classics. Also if race radio gets squashed (haven't heard the UCI talk about that much this year)  the team will have less info about gaps and be less able to control what happens on the road.

Reminds me of Jonny Wilkinson and the all conquering English Rugby team... sure they win, but exciting rugby it was not! 

Team skys tactics are about the same as 'flooding' is in afl. Effective but somewhat boring leaving little strategic options left to beat the opposition within the game rules. Teams just need to find another way to win.


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