Just arrived (back) in Australia, I have several years of riding experience in Northern suburbs of Brisbane, and decades in Europe.

How is cycling safety in Adelaide (from the ground, walking it seems quite ok, from the bike I'm yet to find out when my bike gets here). What to look out for, tips?

I'm a confident rider, and will easily claim my space on the road, look for eye contact, signal and abide the rules, but I'm also very aware that my 105kg (including bike) will never match a car/4x4/truck when colliding so I'm not out to be a (dead) hero. 

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Generally cycling in Adelaide is pretty good from a safety perspective. We have some good cycling infrastructure across the city, but unfortunately the government has lacked commitment to do job properly, leaving many gaps in the infrastructure, creating significant challenges on some routes. If I had one tip for an experienced cyclist, I think it would be to plan your route.  

It might be worth a glance through the "Cycling and the Law" PDF for local variations on the laws


Don't assume drivers have read this book of course !

Watch out particularly for

p12 Definition of a bicycle lane.   There are lots of lines on the road which aren't really bicycle lanes.  There are also bicycle lanes which make you stay in the door zone.

p18  the "overtaking a left hand turning car rule".  

If you get a bike rack for a car it is illegal to use it without its own small number plate with the car rego number on it. 

If you want some liability insurance BikeSA membership includes it


Enjoy !

Thanks David, Michael. I do usually plan my trips. Although nothing new, it was worth a glance at the laws, just to confirm there's nothing new.


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