As cyclists we experience many near misses. Almost consider it normal SA driving. When I commuted every weekday into the CBD, I experienced up to 4 near misses per day.

SAPOL Traffic Watch . . . Report dangerous driving by phone on 131 444 or at any police station . . .

Below are some pertinent links to AC discussions, but not all links. Please add your experiences.

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1. -- Dec-2009 Joseph experienced near miss in Sturt Street -- 26-Feb-2009 Bernhard Sayer hit in Sturt Street bicycle lane

2. -- on 11-Dec-2009 Heather related reporting negligent driver to Police Traffic Watch -- Mike H reported driver who shot across a mini roundabout in front whilst using a mobile phone -- Karloskar Hall's partner hit by wing mirror but police would not take report -- Wayne Horslen ran into car stopped to use mobile phone on Tapleys Hill Road

3. -- 5-Feb-2010 Wombat experienced near miss

4. -- 13-Feb-2010 includes illegal parking in bicycle lanes

5. -- 31-Mar-2010 Jeremy Miller and his daughter had near miss when driver ran red light

6. -- in March-2010 Angus Fry had near miss with scooter squeezing between cyclist and bus

7. -- 1-Jun-2010 Dahondude had 3 near misses in one day on Military Road, Anzac Highway and King William Street -- Dahondude refers to earlier incident where hit-run by taxi but Victorian Police would not take report -- in 2010 JDL knocked off bike

8. -- Roger on 17-Jun-2010 -- Sue near-miss in Bartley Terrace -- Heather truck on Montefiore Road in Adelaide; truck on Regency Road in Prospect; huge truck on South Road in Regency Park; bus on King William Road in Adelaide; vehicle on Morphett Street in Adelaide

9. -- Robert Rau near-miss on 10-Aug-2010

10. -- Robert Rau a near-miss a few weeks before 18-Aug-2010

11. -- Aug-2010 Darren Searle and Robert Daniell wrote that they experience near misses -- 1-Sep-2010 snappy don added video of vehicles driven in Morphett Street bicycle lane

12. -- Sep-2010 Jonathon G added videos of more near misses

13. -- on 12-Sep-2010 Sue experienced near misses on Prospect Road

14. -- 28-Oct-2010 near miss for David Case -- hozozco tells of relatives who hit cyclists -- heather tells of recent incident where driver overtook her while turning left into car parking -- Jeff Lock refers to incidents -- 31-Oct-2010 car passenger tried to grab Jeff Lock as he cycled -- heather referred to similar dangerous prank

15. -- 1-Dec-2010 Jan Lawry had near miss in Light Square -- Gillian injured in 2010 but driver got off with only a warning -- easytiger reported bus driver to Torrens Transit who officially sanctioned the driver -- Jeremy Miller recently report driver to police but it did not seem to register that driver had deliberately swerved at the cyclist -- Heather refers to 3 injuries where drivers not fined -- in 2010 Baron Zuraw & 3 cyclists reported driver for near miss and stone throwing, resulting in assault charge

16. -- in Dec-2010 Ben Nicol had near-miss on King Street Bridge in Glenelg -- in Feb-2011 Steven Orr referred to near-miss

17. -- 14-Dec-2010 Jeremy Miller's near miss with undecided driver in Porter Street -- Dec-2010 Michael Linford's near miss when driver ran red light in Stirling -- 14-Dec-2010 Michael Warner, Darren Searle and friend's ride ruined by driver on Gorge Road -- Clive Palfrey saw a driver cut a cyclist off on King William Street, then another cyclist emptied red energy drink onto driver -- Sue G verbally abused by errant driver -- Jeff Lock had overtaking police car drive at him

18. -- 18-Feb-2011 Dahondude started Car versus Bike versus Car survey --1-Mar-2011 Kane experienced 4 incidents -- 11-Feb-2011 two trucks overtook Clive Palfrey closely

19. -- post of 18-Mar-2011 - near misses for Kane, Alastair and Luke

20. -- post of 27-Mar-2011 -- Wombat in group experienced near miss

21. -- 27-Mar-2011 daniel.f's friend 'taken out' by pedestrian -- last week during Clipsal Ian Rawly had close encounter with pedestrian who flung door open and alighted from vehicle

22. -- Heather referred to near miss when driver ran red light (in 2010) -- Jim Woods referred to near miss where driver's head was down to look in handbag

23. -- on 26-Mar-2011 Angus saw police at incident on Glynburn Road that affected several cyclists in Euride kit -- Lisa refers to where a police officer in plain 4WD cut her and friend off so reported and he reprimanded -- some years ago David Southern's boss hit and police accepted excuse of driver 'didn't see him' -- in Nov-2010 David Brooks knocked off his bike twice in a fortnight -- in Mar-2007 Zimm Zamm 'doored' and injured in Pirie Street

24. -- 11-Apr-2011 Rhino had near miss on Old Belair Road

25. -- 14-Apr-2011 Mike Brisco had incident at intersection of Addison and Brighton Roads in Hove, when driver disobeyed 'no right turn' for vehicles but right turn for cyclists

26. -- 14-Apr-2011 Ian Rawley had near miss on Port Road in Thebarton -- 14-Apr-2011 Luke had near miss on Greenhill Road near the CBD -- 15-Apr-2011 Doddsy had near miss with pedestrian -- 15-Apr-2011 Kane had near miss at Franklin and King William Streets in Adelaide -- 17-Apr-2011 David had incident near Longwood -- Last week Andrew Dickson had incident at South Road and East Street in Edwardstown

27. -- 11-May-2011 Bec F had incident on Cross Road with bus, where the bus squeezed her out of the lane. Bec momentarily lost her balance but fortunately recovered.

28. -- 14-May-2011 van turned right into Maccas on Magill Road in front of 8 cyclists, including Patrick O'Kane and Geoff Neal

29. – 24-Aug-2011 Stephen Battye had to avoid on Hampstead Road a driver who pulled in front of him, while using a mobile phone

30. -- Lee-Anne was on Thursday night ride to Outer Harbour. Incident with red car but police said the rego number not that of a red car -- Heather almost hit in CBD when driver ran red light, despite stopped vehicles. Got rego number when car then waited to turn right, but police could not find match on SA database -- Trap posted the red car sounded like the same car that he had trouble with on a Thursday night ride.

31. – a few years ago on Port Wakefield road heading to Ardrossan, Slammin and his wife were alerted by a truck horn. Got off the road as a truck at 100km/h overtook too closely, with another tuck coming in the opposite direction

32. – 25-Aug-2011 on Bartels Road, Kent Town, Julian Sargent had a near miss with an encroaching bus. Then the same day another encroaching bus in Duthy street – DJ has similar experiences with buses – David B.o.R. has a few reported incidents re public transport but no response – Mark Ferguson had a bus hit his elbow. The driver was then verbally abusive – the other day David B.o.R. had an incident with a bus cutting him off – Mark Ferguson had an incident with a bus cutting him off – easytiger has reported bus driver and had quick phone response – last week rossmg had a bus tailgate him – Kara T has written about buses parking in the clearway / bike lane on Magill Road and practice stopped. However, wary of buses pulling in and out of stop opposite Griffins Head in Grenfell Street – 24-Aug-2011 Don Murray had two buses in convoy overtake him at 70km/h, while both buses had wheels in the bike lane – David B.o.R. Still waiting for response to his bus complaint in Dec-2010 – a few months ago Clive Palfrey forced to stop before bus squeezed him out at roundabout – at lower NE Road / Awonga Road intersection, GlenM had incident when bus tried to run him off the road – on Salisbury Highway, GlenM has had some incidents with buses – Frank Neis took photo of errant bus and driver was reprimanded

33. – Posted on 13-Sep-2011 – Sorry I didn't see you (humour) – cyclists relate incidents and their pithy words – Matthew Parker almost cut off on Greenhill Road – JaseC cut off in Victoria Square bike lane – 40 years ago David Southern cut off by police car. When officers irritated, David's supervisor saved the day.

34. – 17-Oct-2011 Hannah Cursaro took evasive action to avoid white van that overtook too closely – Richard related recent near miss with bus – Keith Davies related recent incident where driver did not allow for wider trailer as he pulled across in front – on Yorke Peninsula Craig Button had incident with high speed vehicle overtaking with less than one metre clearance – Clive Palfrey has had incidents with tradies' trailers – Michael Murray dislikes unaware drivers who try to force him too close to parked vehicles – during last weekend ride Brett Dracup in cycling group where cyclist nearly clipped by fast moving vehicle – 18-Oct-2011 on Kangarilla Road, Gillian forced off road by articulated truck – 18-Oct-2011 on Cross Road Mike W contended with a truck that overtook 4 times while the driver placed the left truck wheels inside the bicycle lane – David told of 4WD that almost hit him as it 'merged' into the bike lane, then the driver yelled abuse at the cyclist.

35. – in Glenelg Sportsbeer had bong-smoking driver take corner too wide, forcing Sportsbeer onto the footpath – 2-Dec-2011 Trevor Hill had 2 drivers cut him off to turn left, and 5 last week

36. – 3 weeks ago Rob Wood, while in a bicycle lane, was cut off by a bus preparing to turn left. Yet to get a response from his complaint – 27-Nov-2011 Darren Web had incident with pedestrian in the bicycle lane (actually driver at broken down vehicle)

37. – 4-Dec-2011 on Greenhill Road, Katrina tail-gated by 4WD with owner sounding horn, then overtaking too closely on double white lines just before a bend

38. – 7-Dec-2011 Gillian stopped at stop sign at intersection of Longwood and Ayers, when vehicle turns corner on wrong side of road and clears the bike by less than 1m

39. – Posted 15-Dec-2011 by Loc Nguyen that near miss at the intersection between Port and South Roads

40. – on 15-Dec-2011 almost hit by driver who then abused him

41. – Posted on 16-Dec-2011 David B.o.R. noticed drivers taking unnecessary risks with cyclists

42. – Brett has had near misses when vehicles stop to let a driver through, who does not notice cyclist to left of stopped vehicle.

43. – 14-Jan-2012 on Port Road, Trent narrowly avoided dooring

44. – 1-Jan-2012 on Anzac Highway, Frank Spartalis overtaken too closely by a vehicle that then hugged the bicycle lane, and over the speed limit – Rob said not unusual to be rubbed by wing mirror on Anzac Highway – several years ago Rob's helmet cracked by bus mirror near Goodwood Road – last week Rob buzzed by motorbike in Bray Street bicycle lane. Police saw and pulled biker over – a month ago David Lane was cycling when vehicle entered bicycle lane, then driver deliberately slammed brakes before speeding off – a few days ago on Sturt Road, driver beeped Katrina. But while looking for cyclist's reaction, the driver banged the car into the median strip. – 31-Dec-2011 on The Esplanade near Port Norlunga, when Mark Ferguson flipped the bird from car passenger – during xmas break, between Goolwa and Victor Harbour, Dean Frost had near miss with car. Then fast white van overtook too closely so he felt the wind off the van side mirror.

45. – 9-Jan-2012 on Salisbury Highway, Darren Webb had near miss – the second near miss since Darren picked up his new bike on 6-Jan-2012 – new bike a replacement for one damage by another negligent driver.

46. – 9-Jan-2012 Matt Brennan had near miss with 3 mini bikes illegally on the Veloway.

47. – 29-Feb-2012 Greg Looyestyn had 2 near misses when drivers stopped to let vehicles in from side streets, without allowing for cyclist using the main road – Lantern Rouge encounters this often where cars entering a main road do not allow for the cyclist already there

48. – Tim related near miss where speeding 4WD cut across 3 lanes of traffic to get in front of bus. In the process just missed Tim. Time beeped the driver who responded impolitely.

49. – Posted on 7-Mar-2012 – Within last 5 weeks In Adelaide, Konadog experienced an articulated bus passing too closely.

50. – On 17-Apr-2012 on Stuart O'Grady Bikeway, Juddy (Shane) avoided a runaway trailer from the expressway embankment

51. – 17-Apr-2012 on North Terrace, near miss for Dario Gautama when driver turned left.

52. – Jan-2012 in Port Elliot Dean Frost was almost doored

53. – 31-May-2012 Paul Jorgensen has close call with bus, caught on camera

54. – About 23-Aug-2012 Peter Sampson had a near miss on a roundabout where the driver looked only right, rather than for bicycle already in the roundabout. Later the driver stopped, said he was a cyclist, and apologised for being in the wrong. Even cyclists make mistakes when driving, so watch out.


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