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8. – posted on 6-Apr-2011 – lawyer Eugene McGee escapes discipline from Professional Conduct Board following hit-run death of cyclist Ian Humphrey

9. – 19-Jan-2012 Iordon Kostadinov doored and injured. Seeks advice.

10. – 22-Jan-2013 Nick Lothian hit. Asks about bike damage

Civil Liability Act 1936 (SA)
Division 3--Assumption of risk
36. Meaning of obvious risk
37. Injured persons presumed to be aware of obvious risks
38. No duty to warn of obvious risk
39. No liability for materialisation of inherent risk
Division 4--Negligence on the part of persons professing to have a particular skill
40. Standard of care to be expected of persons professing to have a particular skill
41. Standard of care for professionals
Division 5--Liability of road authorities
42. Liability of road authorities

A few years ago a severely injured cyclist was awarded compensation against a Victorian local council. It was found that the shared path was not installed and maintained to Austroads or professional standards.

Thanks Heather. Do you know any more detail about the Victorian local council incident a few years ago.  This sounds similar to my incident and any additional information would be very helpful.


Each case will vary on the exact circumstances.


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