Most bicycle collisions involve a vehicle or other road user, listed under topic Collision.
The links below relate to crashes where factors include cycling, infrastructure, weather and/or animals.
Like the sad case where Michael Warner hit a kangaroo while descending in the Adelaide Hills.

Below some pertinent links to AC discussions, but not all links. Please add your experiences.

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34. – On 11-May-2012 in the Adelaide Hills, unrestrained dog bounded into a group of cyclists.

35. – On 12-May-2012 Randall Oakely hit a grey bollard on a shared path at night.

36. – Apr-2012 on Lobethal Road, Daniel Lynch crashed. A vehicle overtaking on the corner played a factor. In hospital for 3 days and bruising on the brain. Fortunately now recovered. Photo at

37. – Posted in Jun-2012, on Pound Road on a downhill corner, Erik Vik came across 2 pedestrians using an entire lane to walk dogs. One woman panicked and ran into Erik's escape lane. Erik was injured badly, the woman unscathed and kept on walking without saying sorry. – Emu Legs added on unspecified date that he crashed his bike and was off it for 15 months due to broken neck and back.

38. – 17-Aug-2012 a male cyclist has pelvic injuries after being hit by a falling tree on Grant Avenue, Rose Park. Very windy day.

39. – 26-Aug-2012 Brett crashed on Marble Hill. Out of sight down an embankment, drivers did not hear his calls, and unable due to injuries to reach his mobile phone. A reminder for cyclists to tell family members where they are riding alone.

40. – On 29-Dec-2012 on Peters Creek Road. A cyclist hit sub-standard patched bitumen on road and others came down too. Injured were Baron Von Thierry, Matt Bozz and RD6.

41. – On 31-Mar-2013 on Jetty Road, Glenelg, Nick's wheel caught in the tram track and he crashed. Bleeding and torn clothing.

42. -- On 1-Jun-2013 another casualty of the River Torrens Linear Park bridge, west of Hackney Road. Young man landed in the river.

43. -- On Sunday 16-Jun-2013 around noon on Belair Road, an unknown male cyclist crashed.

44. – On Port Road, Adelaide, during Jul-2013, AC members know of four or more downed cyclists in a few days. Culprit was yellow separator / kerbing between bicycle and travel lanes, for hundreds of metres between West Terrace, Adelaide, and East Terrace, Thebarton. Installed about Saturday 13-Jul-2013 and removed on Friday 19-Jul-2013 when outcry by AC members to DPTI.

-- On Sunday 14-Jul-2013 post by Cycling for Culture re downed cyclists.
-- On Sunday 14-Jul-2013, Guy Limbert and friend down. Guy concussed and injured.
-- On Sunday 14-Jul-2013 morning, a third cyclist down (known to Guy Limbert).
-- Two riders from Tuesday night Scuzzi group (reported by Frank on Monday 15-Jul-2013).
-- On Monday 15-Jul-2013 cyclist injured and $2,500 damage to bike (known to Gavin Fox).
-- On Monday 15-Jul-2013 in evening, a couple of cars stopped (blocking the bike lane) to help a rider who had gone down (sighted by Matt).

45. – On Saturday 20-Jul-2013 afternoon a lone cyclist found critically ill on Eagle on the Hill. Weather cold, wet, even snow. Ruddager's boss.

SAPOL FB : "A cyclist has died in hospital today, after he lost control and fell off his bike on the wet roads at Leawood Gardens yesterday. At about 2.40pm, the 35-year-old Glandore man is believed to have been riding solo along Mount Barker Road when he slipped and fell while coming around a bend."

46. -- On Saturday 16-Nov-2013 AC member extensively injured by dog off the lead, and currently in hospital

47. Thursday 5-Feb-2015 about 7.45pm on Norton Summit Road, male cyclist (Brandon or Brendon) crashed. Injured and ambulance attended.

48. Sunday 4-Jul-2015 about 8am, on Anzac Highway, just after Marion Road, heading to Glenelg. Group of fast Lightsview riders, where one crashed, resulting in facial injuries. Caused by crank coming off.


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