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Please add your experiences.
When appropriate, please report to SAPOL Traffic Watch (ph 24-hr 131 444).

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1. On 5-Mar-2010 Wombat verbally abused and physically assaulted. Mike H told of his physically disabled friend being deliberately tipped out of his recumbent by pedestrians.

2. Wombat posted on 16-Apr-2010 re hate postings in online newspaper by non-cyclists when cyclist Simon Whiteley was killed.

3. Mark Matthew posted on 13-Oct-2010 of experiencing verbal abuse on Port River Expressway.

4. On 28-Sep-2010 ‘comedians’ Magda Szubanski and Julia Morris on Channel 10's Good News Week advocated hitting cyclists.

5. On 15-Oct-2010 rustychisel told how he placed his bike between himself and a driver threatening to assault him.

6. Post of 8-Jan-2011 where cyclists relate verbal abuse.

7. On 21-Jan-2011 Pip posted.

8. On 13-Feb-2011 Julian Sergeant and friends verbally abused and assaulted on Cross Road.

9. On 16-Feb-2011 Angus Kingston posted.

10. On 18-Mar-2011 Luke posted about Australia Post driver who threatened hitting Luke with vehicle.

11. On 20-Mar-2011 Daniel F posted that girlfriend abused.

12. Post of 28-Mar-2011. Mark Ferguson, Rob Dobson and Sue experienced abuse.

13. Post of 9-Apr-2011 by Jeremy Smith. Building site poster promoting harassment of cyclists

14. On 15-Apr-2011 Jeremy Miller and 11-year-old daughter abused by driver and pedestrian at poorly-designed-for-cyclists intersection of The Parade and Sydenham Road in Norwood.

15. On 27-Jan-2012 Mark S riding at Victor Harbor with his 7 and 9 year olds when 2 middle-aged persons in vehicle verbally abused them with “it's illegal to ride 2 abreast”. Scaring children when it is the car occupants who do not know the road rules. Mar continues: On the positive side, at least your kids were not egged, had a full can of drink thrown at them, spat on, sworn at loudly at, had an engine revved loudly at them, been touched on their bottoms by creepy hands hanging out of car windows, forced off the verge by the car . . .just a few of the little gems I have experienced from the not so nice drivers of Adelaide.

16. On 5-Nov-2014 on Dyson Road near Majors Road intersection, hozozco encountered hostile driver.


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