Loading Ride Routes into GARMIN EDGE 200 - 500 & Android + OPENSOURCE Maps

Link to Cycling tips 200 review

Link to Cycling tips 800 review

How to get free base maps that work on your Garmin Edge 705/800/810/1000 etc

OPEN SOURCE (FREE ) Garmin maps for 800 810 1000 etc

local SA 1 click and unzip

------ o00o -----

  • First download the ride GPX file from the ride map.
  • Plug your Garmin into the computer and open the folders as in the pictures.
  • These screenshots are of my Garmin 200 on a Linux operating system but Windows should look similarthenselect the NewFiles folder and open itthen paste the GPX file into the foldersafely disconnect the Garmin
  • Wait till it finishes / confirms writing the files and you are done.
  • Remove the Garmin lead
  • Turn your Garmin on and the "GPX file" will be translated into a "Garmin Course File" and moved to the courses folder automatically.

Below are a couple of screenshots of the more complex Garmin 500 (connected to an Apple Computer)

  • you still paste the GPX into the "NewFiles" Folder as above.
  • Then safely remove the GPS device

Android app link

Cue Sheet, A Great Android App For Navigation - 19 April 2013.

 One of Ridewith GPS long time users, Geoff Matrangola, grew tired of waiting for an Android bike navigation app. For the last two years he has been tinkering with his app Cue Sheet, which provides turn guidance for pre-planned routes using the ridewithgps.com route planner. This latest update provides automatic cue advancement, many bug fixes and an updated UI. Additionally, the latest release has a premium voice guidance package available for $4.

Cue Sheet is easily the best turn guidance app for Android and using it is simple if you already have a Ride With GPS account.

Once you install the app and input your ridewithgps email+password, you'll get a list of all your pre-planned routes from your account. Simply draw a new route using your computer, then jump on the app and refresh the route listing to see your most recent map listed.

Download Cue Sheet here

 Ridewith GPS recommend picking up the pro-version of the app, available as an in-app purchase. It enables voice activated turn guidance and is currently on sale at an introductory $4 price.

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