Gully Grinders - Hot Weather Policy

Gully Grinders – Hot Weather Policy

This policy is in the interests of rider safety

When the BOM ( forecast for Elizabeth issued at 4pm on Saturday for Sunday is equal to or exceeds 40C, any scheduled Gully Grinders Sunday social ride will be cancelled. Only If the forecast is below 40C will we ride as scheduled.

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Should the temperature during the actual ride be expected to be 36 or higher the ride will be cancelled

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 This policy is in accordance with Cycling SA’s policy on hot weather.

 The BOM weather forecast can be found here: Link

Cycling is a high intensity sport and high temperatures can facilitate dehydration that can deteriorate into heat exhaustion and result in heat stroke, which pose serious medical concerns.

  • Indications of heat exhaustion:
  • unusually high heart rate
  • dizziness
  • headache
  • nausea
  • cramps
  • confusion

In the case of potential heat exhaustion:

  • dismount
  • sit in the shade off the road
  • drink and rehydrate
  • notify another rider of your condition and symptoms
  • continue to drink hydrating liquids to replace lost fluids

 During periods of high/extreme temperatures it is imperative that riders:

  • consider their health and fitness levels before attending a scheduled Gully Grinders group ride
  • carry adequate hydration to enable them to complete the scheduled ride safely
  • apply and carry adequate sunscreen or sun protection to enable them to complete the scheduled ride safely

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