A beautiful morning greeted the 12 riders that set out on the 36.5km One Tree Hill - Black Top - Target Hill Road loop. A beautiful morning, and some beautiful scenery to go along with it. Andrew kindly took up the roll of 'Road Leader' and Kasey kindly volunteered to be 'Tail End Charlie'. While the festival of broken glass is on, its not surprising that it was a ride bookended by punctures - Sergi copped a puncture after the first 50m, and myself copped the second with about 500m to go. We climbed a total elevation of 566m today with the final climb of the day being the challenging Target Hill Road (a killer). All was worth it, with some lovely coffee and perhaps the biggest damned doughnuts available (although no doughnuts for me, I already have enough to carry up the hills!). 

Looking to do a flatter ride next week to switch it up a bit, I'll post the route by Tuesday evening. Look forward to seeing you all next week. Until then, may the wind be behind you.

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It did look like a beautiful morning, but I've been suffering through an annoying back injury that's kept me off the bike since the inaugural G.G. ride, the ride didn't cause it, just stirred it up. Up until yesterday I thought I'd be in with a chance to come out today, but no. I just couldn't risk aggravating things and not being able to work tomorrow, which will be all day on a motorbike.

Hopefully I can join you next week.

Hi Gemma,

Good to hear that your ride went well, ( Apart from the un welcome visit or two from you know who ).

I have been looking all day on AC to read your report on todays ride, but didn't think to look at the Group discussions area.

Just as a thought, I would suggest that If you want to advertise GG  and  allow it to grow, you will get a lot more 'Hits' if you post your report in the main Forum. That way more people will read it and know that you exist.

Still looking forward to my first ride with you guys ,


Well what a great morning for a ride. My first ride with the Gully Grinders and what a nice group there where some familiar faces and nice to meet some new ones. The ride was a mixture of some hard climbs and some speedy down hills, all up a ride with it all, well done Gemma. The next time i have a Sunday morning free i will be out with you guys again thanks for a great morning.

Sounds good - aside from the punctures. 

I was still recovering from my mid-week sickness, so I just did a calm 35k up Nortons and across to Cherryville on Saturday.  All things being equal, I should be back for next weeks ride.

Terrific riding weather, lots of climbing and downhill recovery.

+1 for the reports on the main page.

See you all in a few weeks, stay safe and enjoy the rides


@Paul, hope your back is on the mend and we'll hopefully see you on a ride soon.


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