A humid morning awaited the 13 riders that turned out this morning for our second group ride. We followed a challenging 39.1km loop around Paracombe with a total elevation gain of 467m. I found this especially challenging owing to not being able to shake this head cold, so some nice hills were made all the harder for breathing through a clogged up noggin. However, the spirit throught the group is great and I received a lot of encouragement. The fellas up the front added an extra loop on and the group is running well with all 13 riders smiling and happy at the end of the ride. All in all, an enjoyable ride with a good group of people!

I'll post the next route on Monday evening - please keep using the RSVP function with events as the lovely ladies at Prices Fresh Bakery appreciate my giving them approximate numbers on Friday before our Sunday ride.

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It was good to ride a new stretch of road ... I quite liked Paracombe.  At the CFS water stop, I checked my back wheel - it was a bit loose. Grabbed a 15mm cone wrench on the way home and all is fixed again.  Definitely took it easier on the descents after finding that !

Gemma - to help with your breathing, you might like to grab a small tub of Vicks Vapour Rub and put a spot on your top lip under each nostril. I used to do that years ago on winter training rides where I was a bit blocked.  Helped heaps.  It's not for everyone, though, so maybe try some on a shorter ride to try it out first.

Thoroughly enjoyed the ride again this morning - thanks for organising it.  Barring sickness and injury, I'll be there next Sunday again.  Quite like doing around 70km before lunch on a Sunday.

Dont confuse it with your Aussie Butt Cream tho!

Its was a bit warm early this morning some one said it was 26 deg but that did not discourage a good number of participants turning up for the" Paracombe Loop".

This is one of my favourite after work rides during the week because there is no traffic, its a bit hilly always good for a work out and great scenery.

Enjoyed everyones company keep up the enthusiasm !!!!!!


Well done all.  I had GS1 today and have family commitments next weekend.  Hopefully out again the weekend after.

I too enjoyed the Paracombe loop, will be keeping that one in the memory bank to ride again. Its amazing some of the roads we have in our back yard.

Mental toughness award must go to Gemma, you didnt give in, well done.

Look forward to the next one.



Hi Gemma, Sorry i was not out there Sunday i had been Sick with your flu, I must have cought it when i met you last week NOT. I hear there is a lot going around. Well i am this week, back to work and back on the bike tomorrow. So i will try get some fitness back in for what you have planned for the group.

My neighbour congratulated on the Group forming, but once in awhile he would like a golf game. As i was to sick to Ride on sunday, i managed a game of golf, 1st in many years. To me the fresh air and a coffee is much cheaper and rewarding than a golf game. So hear is to the coming sundays on the bike ;)

Sounds good, I rode the GS 1 also which was fun, hopefully can join the next ride with you guys.

This route also gives the option of linking to Gorge Rd via the dreaded Torrens Hill Rd, OK going down... but then we could loop round via Cuddly Creek (coffee), possible return option back down the Gorge to Athelstone, across Linear Park and return to GG via Higbury and Hancocks Road or for the longer ride Fox Creek Hill, Lenswood, Basket Range, Marble Hill & Montacute Rd, Athelstone, Linear Park etc.



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