Ok, this discussion forum is to vote for a group name and kit design. Listed below are what have been suggested previously - please vote for your preference and or make a suggestion. Votes will be tallied at the end of this Sunday and a name will be locked in. 

In terms of kit, I'm stoked that everyone seems very keen for this. I will just need someone to volunteer to organise this, as the time I have spare will be spent organising the Sunday rides.

So without further adieu:

Proposed names:

Gully Grinders


Golden Groovers

North East Cyclists / Road Riders / Peleton / Rangers / Rollers

Tea Tree Gully Grupetto


Tea Tree Trailblazers 

the Mod Squad (modbury)

Proposed kit designs (and colour schemes):

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yeah i cant help myself,  hopefully ill run out of ideas soon

Like Michael Moses design, the 2nd one, predominately orange !

Me too. Also like the one with mountains on except when I first looked I thought it was a Black Swan flying across from top right to bottom left! Anyone else see that?

I thought the same...about the swan thing!


yeah bits of it looked like a crow when i drew it, i see what you mean now.

i should put my vote in for grinders.. orange and black is ok.. prefer red and black or green though

I prefer the darker version of the V3

 hopefully i havent flooded and gone off topic - i needed an excuse to get into a graphics prg 

Anyone know anything about these guys?


Another possible supply option price of top and bib shorts $52 less 10% for orders over $120 and free shipping!

Yes, relatively cheap prices but no cheaper than supplied to Gawler wheelers.  Very thin fabric and not same quality zip etc.  OK if you like the see through effect like in this one.

yeah you get what you pay for generally I guess.


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