Ok, this discussion forum is to vote for a group name and kit design. Listed below are what have been suggested previously - please vote for your preference and or make a suggestion. Votes will be tallied at the end of this Sunday and a name will be locked in. 

In terms of kit, I'm stoked that everyone seems very keen for this. I will just need someone to volunteer to organise this, as the time I have spare will be spent organising the Sunday rides.

So without further adieu:

Proposed names:

Gully Grinders


Golden Groovers

North East Cyclists / Road Riders / Peleton / Rangers / Rollers

Tea Tree Gully Grupetto


Tea Tree Trailblazers 

the Mod Squad (modbury)

Proposed kit designs (and colour schemes):

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Perfect Stuff Michael - I love this jersey and want one now, great work,well done!!!

+1 Bazz:) great stuff Michael. I want one ASAP.

V3.0 looks good to me, rather than get bogged down with constant additions and comment I suggest that the original group make the decision, SSRC seem to have been going through this for months now as new members join or past members rejoin and add their own ideas.

+1  Totally agree Clive. Last thing we want is for it to drag on forever.  I've spoken to Michael and I'm sending the design to my China factory today and they will make a few samples for us. Should be here in around a week.   If  they go ahead I'm happy to get them, if not , nothing is lost.

Big pockets?

I'll see what I can do. Wider or deeper?

The GW pockets measure 10cm across X 15 deep. CVSA pockets measure 140x200.

The extra space is really handy in changing weather to keep a shower jacket handy or stow a long sleeve jersey when it gets warmer also handy for carrying light weight cable lock, snakes etc.

Michael and Gary, thanks for looking after this. 

+1 - no need to "muddy" the waters

another muckaround logo.. 

got bored.. played with fonts..


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