Roadworks 25 km/h zones frustrate Adelaide drivers, Opposition says, amid debate about misplaced signage
Published by ABC News on 23-Feb-2016
South Australia's Transport Department concedes no contractors have ever lost their permits for incorrectly placing roadworks signage on Adelaide roads, despite that power existing.
RAA urges Government and Opposition collaborate on new legislation

Drivers complain about temporary slower speed zones.
What about hazard of roadworks signs placed in bicycle lanes?

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What about hazard of roadworks signs placed in bicycle lanes?

Yes there seems to be more and more of these signs in bike lanes , occasionally I stop and chat to the guys or girls but no one takes any notice . Also I've occasionally reported it (with photos) to the DPTI but it doesn't seem to do any good. Just another hazard is the sometimes gravel, stones and other debris they leave behind after finishing roadworks. 

My commute to work includes a section with a parallel shared path. I drive/car passenger four days a week and ride one. This week, someone has been laying a pipe under or near this path. There is nothing else nearby that looks even remotely like a footpath. On Monday (as car passenger), the first day of the work, I noticed about 1km from the last junction that there was a sign in the middle of the path that said "footpath closed". It looked like there was actually space to cycle slowly past on the asphalt. The other end had "pedestrians use other footpath" which at a push could mean go down the road on the right, and follow the closed road that comes out further down the road at the next intersection ( which is in an industrial area with no footpaths either).

This work has been progressing down the path all week, with the signs in the other order for the rest of the week, and I don't think I would have gotten through if I had used the shared path the day I rode. In fact I always use the road as I haven't found a safe-looking way of turning onto the shared path coming from the other side of the roundabout at the intersection where it starts.

Some time last year, I did report to Council a construction site that the first warning was a "roadwork ahead" sign in the bike lane. I noticed that for the rest of that week, the sign was to the left of the bike lane.


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