Parking in 24-hour bicycle lane to access Australia Post letterbox

Posted by Heather on 8-Sep-2010 in a comment.

Hi Patrick. I regularly cycle in West Torrens. To Bunnings and return home by cycling north on Port Road, Thebarton, West Torrens.

Last week I came across a vehicle stopped in the 24-hour bicycle lane while he posted a letter in the Australia Post letterbox. His language was impolite when I yelled bicycle lane, so I wrote down his vehicle details. He then got out of the vehicle (again) and told me that he could park there. Have typed a report for SAPOL.

I have asked West Torrens Council to install a 'no standing' sign for those who do not know the road rules.

I have emailed Australia Post, informing them that their letterbox is encouraging drivers to
illegally park in a 24-hour bicycle lane. That when Australia Post vans stop to collect mail, they are breaching the Australian Road Rules and risking a fine. I included ARR quotes and a link.

How not to make friends with non-cyclists. Luckily I use only one name on this website.

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Posted by Heather on 9-Sep-2010 in a comment.

Today I received a letter from West Torrens Council re parking in their 24-hour bicycle to access an Australia Post letterbox.

They said unable to install 'no stopping' signs in a bicycle lane because this would create a double offence. Actually incorrect. I have seen this done elsewhere. Peak hour bicycle lanes on arterial roads can create a double offence. Local councils may ticket parking in a bicycle lane, where as police may ticket for stopping in a clearway, which attracts a higher fine.

However, West Torrens Council said they have referred the matter to the Coast to Coast Project Team to follow up on relocation of the post boxes with Australia Post. This is the better solution, and the one I hoped Australia Post would think of, because their drivers are also illegally stopping in the bicycle lane.
Posted by Heather on 20-Sep-2010 in a comment.

Today I received a letter from Australia Post dated 15-Sep-2010. They thanked me for reporting the Australia Post letterbox next to a 24-hour bicycle lane on Port Road in Thebarton. (The box was probably there before the bicycle lane, but overlooked when redesigning the road layout.) Australia Post apologised and said it would be investigated.
In the New Year I will check what is being done. The obvious solution is to move the Australia Post letterbox. It is illegal for Australia Post vans to stop to collect the mail here.

The letterbox was moved some weeks ago but not the best location. It is still on the Port Road, next to the bicycle lane, although there is a small car park west of the letterbox. Drivers will be too lazy to drive into the car park before posting a letter, or the small car park will be full.

Tonight / Sunday I was cycling home around 9.30pm and five cars in a row parked illegally in the 24-hour bicycle lane, just south of the brewery. Busy with other advocacy so did not take detailed descriptions of the vehicles to report the owners to SAPOL. Have others noticed this in the evenings, and at what times and weekdays?


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