By 22-Feb-2019 blue cat eyes were installed on Braund Bikeway. Some are in intersections. Cyclists, please be careful when moving to the road centre to turn into or out of Braund Rd. I know of cyclists who have been injured when their bikes skidded on cat eyes.

Please let me know of other hazardous locations of these blue / green cat eyes, anywhere in the Greater Metropolitan Adelaide and SA. BUG will report to SA Water and the local council.

The technical name is RetroReflective Pavement Marker or RRPM.
Technical Standard 135, issued by SA Water Corporation, states that:
“RRPMs shall not be installed:
— within intersections
— within slip lanes or bicycle lanes
— on unsealed roads
— on winding sections of roads.”

I reported that some RRPMs recently installed in Adelaide and North Adelaide are not located in accordance with Technical Standard 135. See:
— Hazardous Blue RRPMs or Cat Eyes in BUG Enews Dec-2018
— AC discussion – Hazardous blue RRPMs or cat eyes – posted by Heather on 1-Dec-2018 –

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